[Qoo News] “Micro Vibration of Galapagos” AR Game Reveals Story and Main Characters


ENDROLL today (5th June) reveals the story and main characters for its past compilation AR game “Micro Vibration of Galapagos” (ガラパゴスの微振動).


The game is an experiential project, which utilizes the AR technology to create a story that connects the virtual world to reality. The project initiated a crowdfunding campaign in CAMPFIRE and reached the goal of JPY$ 1,500,000 in three days. A PV will be revealed when the crowdfunding reaches JPY$ 3,000,000.




In 2005, it was the time when the postal service was privatized and the drama “Nobuta wo Produce” (野ブタ。をプロデュース)  became a hit in Japan.

Isobe, a third-year high school student, was updating his diary in one corner of the classroom without being excited about his last Cultural Festival.

“No one in this class can understand the music and manga I like.”

In 2020, The Tokyo Olympics are postponed and people are confused by the unprecedented situations.

Isobe, now 33-year-old, is jealous of his classmates’ success and is updating a blog on his bed.

“When and where did I go wrong …”

-This is the story that you time leap from 2020 to make yourself a hero in 2005.
A mysterious organization “Butterfly Rescue”, provides you a special app that enables you to hack your smartphone back in 2005.

“I want you to cut your homepage, your friends’ email, and compile your past without being exposed to him,” the organization commanded.

The given time is 7 days.

Only you can change his rough present by changing the past.



■ Makoto Isobe (磯部 允)
Isobe is the game’s protagonist and photography is his hobby. He posts his photo on the homepage with a poetic essay. The subjects for his work are mainly the sky, buildings, and people. He holds pride in “I know manga and music that people around me don’t know,” and believes himself as a special human being.


■ Risa Takahashi (高橋 里紗)
Takahashi is Isobe’s classmate and one of the most beautiful girls in school. In order to please the surroundings, she frequently checks the trendy news to create conversations. She hates herself for that and is envious about Isobe for doing the things that he likes.


■ Haruto Tanoue (田上 春人)
Tanoue is a popular kid in class. His bright personality wins him popularity and enables him to do everything at ease. But no one knows that he dreams of becoming a writer and is interested in learning different subcultures. He always wants to watch movies with Isobe but never gets the chance to.


More characters are expected to reveal later.


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