“Ikémen Prince The Last Love of Beauty and the Beast” Coming on July 1! Collaboration with “Ikemen Vampire” Confirmed!

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CYBIRD’s Ikemen Series 8th-anniversary project “Ikémen Prince The Last Love of Beauty and the Beast” (イケメン王子 美女と野獣の最後の恋) is confirmed to launch on 1st July 2020. A collaboration event with “Ikemen Vampire” is also confirmed when the game is launched.



The game’s story is inspired by the famous fairy tale, “Beauty and the Beast”. Players will have to select one of the eight dangerous “beast” princes to crown the next king. But time is short. You have to find the inner beauty of the prince before the last petal of the enchanted rose falls. After he is crowned, you are forbidden to have any contact with the king, even though you are gradually falling for him.

Caught in the vortex of curse and dark secrets, will you be able to find the answer for “True Love”?

Illustrator Kachiru Ishidue (石据カチル) is in charge of the characters designs. The game’s theme song “I Just Love You” (あなたをただ愛している) is performed by Japanese band Do As Infinity.

Collaboration with “Ikemen Vampire”

“Ikémen Prince The last Love of Beauty and the Beast” is joining with “Ikemen Vampire ” for a retweet campaign from 24th June ~ 12th July 2020. Players who follow the official Twitter of the two games and retweet the specific post will be able to obtain gacha tickets and decoration when the retweets reach the goals.

Players, who login both the games and have spent 25 tickets to read the story, will be able to obtain collaboration cards and furniture.

Pre-registration Rewards

The pre-registration of the game has reached 88,888. All titles from the Ikemen Series will have presents to all players.

Official Site

Official Twitter

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