[Qoo News] “Knights of Sidonia” New Smartphone Game Announced for 2021 By WFS! New Anime Film “Knights of Sidonia: Ai Tsumugu Hoshi” Opens in 2021!


Tsutomu Nihei’s (弐瓶 勉) mecha manga series “Knights of Sidonia” (シドニアの騎士) is confirmed to inspire a new smartphone game for 2021 and it will be developed by WFS, the game studio that created “Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space.”

A new anime film, under the title of “Knights of Sidonia: Ai Tsumugu Hoshi” (シドニアの騎士 あいつむぐほし) is also announced for 2021.


Smartphone Game Project

Details of the game project have not yet been revealed, only that the game will be coming to iOS and Android devices in mid of 2021. A teaser site has been opened for future announcement.


Official Site

Anime Film “Knights of Sidonia: Ai Tsumugu Hoshi”

Tsutomu is credited as the chief supervisor of the anime film “Knights of Sidonia: Aitsumugu Hoshi”. It will follow a completely original story that is not included in the manga.


Hiroyuki Seshita (瀬下寛之) will serve as chief director, while Tadahiro Yoshihira (吉平 “Tady” 直弘) serves as director for the new film, with Polygon Pictures returning for production. Sadayuki Murai (村井さだゆき) and Tetsuya Yamada (山田哲弥) are returning to write scripts, while Shūji Katayama (片山修志) is composing the music. The rest of the staff and cast are returning to reprise their roles.

A teaser video that previews the ending theme song “Utsusemi” (うつせみ) performed by CAPSULE has been revealed. The film will open in 2021 in Japan.

■ Teaser Video

The series follows the adventures of Garde pilot Nagate Tanikaze, who lived in the underground layer of Sidonia since birth and was raised by his grandfather. Never having met anyone else, he trains himself in an old Guardian pilot simulator every day, eventually mastering it. After his grandfather’s death, he emerges to the surface and is selected as a Guardian pilot, just as Sidonia is once again threatened by the Gauna.







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