NetEase’s Steampunk SRPG “Zold: Out” Coming this September

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NetEase Games announces that a new smartphone SRPG “Zold: Out” (Zold: Out~鍛冶屋の物語) is set to release this September in Japan. It will open for pre-registration in August.

The steampunk-themed game is developed by Hong Kong developer C4Cat Entertainment, the creator behind smartphone rhythm game “Dynamix.”


Players will play as the shopkeeper of a weapon store and your target is to revive the store from bankruptcy. You will have to forge & trade weapons and recruit workers for your store.

The game features a turn-based battle system, where players will be able to command your characters according to their abilities, weapons and the topography. The character’s skills are showcased in dynamic CG animation.

As weapons used in each battle will be different, you have to collect the blueprint and forge different weapons for your team to ensure they have appropriate weapons to fight during the journey.

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Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語 Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語 Zold:Out~鍛冶屋の物語 NetEase Games 3.9 More
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