[Qoo News] Uwasanopetals Joins “SHOW BY ROCK!! Fes A Live” on October 22


SQUARE ENIX’s smartphone rhythm game “SHOW BY ROCK!! Fes A Live” announces that the band Uwasanopetals (ウワサノペタルズ) will be joining the game on 22nd October 2020.


New Playable Songs

Their song “The Last Train” (最終列車), “The Sound of First Love” (ハツコイノオト), “Goodbye, My Love Song” (さよなら、僕らのラブソング) and REIJINGSIGNAL’s Dazzling will be available as playable song after the update.


■ “The Last Train” Play Video

New Event

A new event “The Seven Mystery of Tsukisatomura High School!?” (月里村高校の七不思議だべ!?) will be held on 22nd October, where players can obtain the event-limited avatar. SSR Shibarin, Kittsun, SR Hakku and Pokoe will be available in the pick-up gacha.



Official Site

Official Twitter

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