“Scarlet Nexus” Reveals Dual Protagonists and Story Trailer at TGS2020

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Bandai Namco today (27th September) streams a new trailer and demo play for its upcoming action RPG “Scarlet Nexus” during a live stream at the Tokyo Game Show 2020. The game is set to release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC, but the release date is not yet announced.

New Story Trailer (Yuito Ver.)


“Scarlet Nexus” takes place in a near-future when Earth is invaded by the mutated creatures, and those with Psychokinetic abilities have been united within an organization known as the Other Suppression Force (OSF).


Players will play as Yuito Sumeragi, a new recruit who is a direct descendant of the man who founded the city the game takes place in, New Himuka. Yuito’s unique power is telekinesis which allows him to wield a sword with his mind he can use to attack nearby foes. At a distance, Yuito can utilize the environment to attack enemies.

As the minds of the OSF’s members are linked together, Yuito will be able to use the Psychokinetic abilities of other OSF members. Also, when the skills gauge of Yuito reaches its fullest, he will enter a special status that allows him to move super fast.

The live stream also reveals another protagonist, Kasane Randall, which means that players can select between Yuito and Kasane as they like and enjoy their routes separately. The Psychokinetic abilities of Kasane are basically the same as Yuito, but there is a secret for this setting. Players may need to find out on their own.

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