[Qoo News] “Shin Hokuto Musou” Now Available on Smartphones!


Koei Tecmo today (15th December) officially launches the mobile game “Shin Hokuto Musou” (真・北斗無双) for iOS and Android devices.


It is the smartphone version of the “Shin Hokuto Musou”/ “Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2” console game, which was first released in Japan in December 2012. It is also a project to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the “Hokuto Musou” game series.



Game System

Players will be able to follow the original plot of the “Fist of the North Star” in the smartphone game, as well as the character stories. It shares a similar gameplay with other “Dynasty Warriors” titles, but the game system is modified to adapt the mobile functions. Players have to battle against different enemies, who come in considerably larger hordes.



In quests, players can organize up to 3 characters into a party and switch freely during battles. To proceed the quest more smoothly, you can form your party according to the attribute of the enemies.



Each stage comes with a different Boss with unique abilities. Breaking the shield of the boss can enter a Chance status, which allows you to deal greater damage.


Multiplayers contents, including Guild and Arena, are also available. The Challenge Mode allows players to battle against much stronger enemies. New characters that do not appear in the console game will also be playable in the smartphone version.

Pre-registration Rewards

The game celebrates its pre-registration reaching 1 million, all players will be able to obtain 7770 orbs as rewards.


A SSR character guaranteed gacha is also available after tutorial. Rerolls are possible so don’t miss this chance to get your favourite characters.


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