“Devil Butler with Black Cat” ADV Game Opens for Pre-registration

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STUDIO WASABI’s new mobile ADV game “Devil Butler with Black Cat” (悪魔執事と黒い猫) now opens for pre-registration.

Teaser PV


“Devil Butler with Black Cat” is a visual novel game, which tells the story between you and 13 butlers. One day, the gold ring transports you to another realm. Calling you the “Lord”, the butlers take care of everything for you. In return, they ask you to help them finish a certain “mission”…

Game System

Your decision will alter the fate of the butlers. The game features an offline nurturing system to save your time. Collect rare costumes and illustrations by drawing the gacha and joining events.

A healing mode is available for you to spend time and interact with the butlers. You can also follow the butler’s voice while meditating, stretching and sleeping.

Your butler will also manage your schedule and recommend appropriate clothes based on the weather.

A trial version is currently available on the official site for you to try out the game. Click here for more.

Pre-registration Rewards

Players can now pre-register the game via following the official Twitter. All players can select a SSR butler when the pre-registration reaches 100,000.

Trial Version

Official Site

Official Twitter

悪魔執事と黒い猫 Devil Butler With Black Cat 悪魔執事と黒い猫 STUDIO WASABI Release Date: Unspecified Pre-register
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