[Qoo News] Ride On the Music Train! “Disney Music Parade” Rhythm Game Officially Launches!


TAITA today (22nd January) officially launches the mobile rhythm game “Disney Music Parade” (ディズニー ミュージックパレード)  for iOS and Android devices.



Game System

“Disney Music Parade” is a simple rhythm game that features remixes of all the classic Disney tracks from “Under the Sea” to “A Whole New World” and “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”. The game offers a special experience just like a ride attraction as you go around different stages with the “Disney” songs.


You can also collect different “Disney” characters on their unique ride and use them to play the songs. More songs will be unlocked as you clear the stages. The music rides feature a game-only original design.


The game also has a multiplayer Party Mode, where you can play a wonderful harmony with your friends and family!



Pre-registration Rewards

Pre-registration of the game now reaches 300,000. All players can obtain a total of 500 Jewels and different nurturing items as rewards.


Reroll is possible in the “Tutorial Gacha”! Don’t miss this chance to get your favourite Disney characters!

Official Site

Official Twitter

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