“The Promised Neverland: Escape From Hunting Garden” Mobile Game Opens for Pre-registration

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The first smartphone game of Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu’s “The Promised Neverland” manga is officially titled as “The Promised Neverland: Kariniwa Kara No Dassō” / “The Promised Neverland: Escape From Hunting Garden” (約束のネバーランド~狩庭からの脱走~). The game opens an official site which is available for pre-registration.


“The Promised Neverland: Escape From Hunting Garden” is an escape game where you have to cooperate with 3 other players to escape from the signature location from “The Promised Neverland” series, such as Grace Field House and Goldy Pond in real-time. Players have to find the exit within 3 minutes, while escaping from the demon’s attack.

The game features Emma, Norman, Ray and Phil as playable characters. Players can also use different items and weapons to restrain the demons.


Players can now pre-register the game by following the Official Twitter. Players can obtain 3,000 diamonds when the pre-registration reaches 63194 (Emma’s identification number).

Official Site

Official Twitter

約束のネバーランド~狩庭からの脱走~ 約束のネバーランド~狩庭からの脱走~ 約束のネバーランド~狩庭からの脱走~ Cyber​​Agent Inc. Release Date: Pre-register
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