Colopl’s "You Generation" Live Playing Mobile Game Opens for Pre-registration

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Colopl’s upcoming smartphone game “You Generation” (ユージェネ) today (8th March) opens for pre-registration. The 2nd promotional video is also revealed.

2nd PV


Produced by Colopl’s Star Studio, “You Generation” is a smartphone game under the new “LPG” (Live Playing Game)” genre. It combines elements of “Live” and “Game” and aims to provide a new dimension of entertainment using the most advanced VR / AR technology.

Set in an open world that is as close as possible to the actual terrain of Japan, the player goes on an adventure to defeat strong enemies and collect “Ales” in order to save the “#Worlds” with the heroines “Astarista” (アスタリスタ). Also, players can participate at the livestreamed “#Live” event held by the Astarista and enjoy zero distance interaction with them!


The world is connected.

Though they are slightly different from the real world, there are countless “#Worlds” exist independently.
The “#Worlds” are facing an unprecedented crisis. A mysterious invader “Eyes” robs the worlds from their existence.

…Now, there are three girls walking in the world of glittering stars and the desert.Known as the “Astarista,” they gathered from different “#Worlds” under the instruction of the mysterious scientist “Clay”.

At the end of the desert world, the three found a charming robot, Lloyd. They join hands to fight against the dark forces and the journey of an unprecedented adventure begins!


Players can now pre-register the game following the Official Twitter. The pre-registration rewards are as follows:

50,000: Astagems x 100
70,000: 3 types of icon images for Twitter
100,000: Astagems x 100 (200 in total)
150,000: Ale that can be used during live performances
200,000: Astagems x 100 (300 in total)
250,000: Jump vaulting box during the live
300,000: Show cartwheels during live
500,000: Show backflip during live

Official Site

Official Twitter

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