Granblue Fantasy 7th Anniversary Campaign Starts Today! Free Daily Roulette for a Maximum of 100 Gacha Draws!


Cygames’ “Granblue Fantasy” mobile/ browser game celebrates its 7th anniversary today on 10th March. A bunch of celebration campaigns are held including a free daily roulette, which you will have a chance to get a maximum of 100 gacha draws everyday!

A new TV commercial featuring the Japanese television character Gachapin also starts streaming.




Free Daily Roulette

From 10th ~ 31st March, players can spin the roulette for a chance to win a maximum of 100 gacha draws. Spinning the roulette can get at least 10 gacha draws.


A special Gachapin Frenzy mode is also available for you to repeat the 10 gacha draws for free until you get an SSR item. You will also have a chance to trigger the Mukku Frenzy mode after the Gachapin Frenzy mode. The Mukku Frenzy also allows you to repeat the 10 gacha draws for free until you get an SSR item.


A Double Mukku Frenzy mode has been added in the 7th anniversary events! After the Mukku Frenzy mode ends, you will have a chance to repeat 10 gacha draws for free until you get an SSR item with boosted SSR drop rate.

Everyone will also be given free 100 gacha draws twice on 20th March and 30th March!

7th Anniversary Daily Bonus

200 extra crystals will be given every day from 10th ~ 31st March as a daily bonus. You can also collect daily login points and use it to trade for in-game items.


7th Birthday Scratcher

From 10th ~ 31st March, players will get a coin for the birthday scratcher everyday. Scratch off cards to win prizes including, weapons, summons, sunlight stone, gold bricks and more!


7 Times More RP and EXP

Get 7 times more rank points and EXP until reaching the quest’s point caps. Get 2 times more rank points and EXP after exceeding the point caps.


7th Anniversary Exchange Ticket on Sales

The 7th anniversary exchange ticket will be on sales for 3,000 Mobage coins, which allow you to pick limited characters, as well as seasonal characters and summons.


The 7th Anniversary Skin Set, which include the characters skin of Yuisis/ Julius and 10 -time gacha ticket will also be on sale.



7th anniversary weapon ticket

The 7th anniversary weapon ticket will allow you to pick one 4*, max level, max skill level from Epic weapons, Proving Grounds weapons, Xeno weapons, Malice weapons, Cerberus and Fenrir weapons, or Regalia weapons.


6 SSR Weapons Giveaway

One Omega/Magna weapon of each element will be sent out to all players at level 200 and skill level 20.

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