“D4DJ Groovy Mix” x “The Quintessential Quintuplets∬” Collaboration Starts Today! Cover Song “Go-Tōbun no Kimochi” Available Now!

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Donuts’ rhythm game “D4DJ Groovy Mix” today (7th April) starts the collaboration event with TV anime “The Quintessential Quintuplets∬” until 15th April.

The cover version of the anime’s opening song “Go-Tōbun no Kimochi” (五等分の気持ち) is available as a playable song.

Collaboration Characters

■ Hiiro Yano x Ichika Nakano

■ Muni Ohnaruto x Nino Nakano

■ Noa Fukushima x Miku Nakano

■ Hanamaki Towa x Yotsuba Nakano

■ Haruna Kasuga x Itsuki Nakano

New disc skin featuring the quintuplets will also be available in a limited time period. Collect collaboration material and get limited club customized items!

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