[Qoo News] “Apex Legends” is Coming to Mobile! CBT Runs This Spring!


Electronic Arts announces today that “Apex Legends” battle royale game is coming to mobile platforms with a new version “Apex Legends Mobile”.


“Apex Legends Mobile” is specifically designed for mobile platforms, with streamlined controls and thoughtful optimizations that result in the most advanced battle royale combat available on a phone. The game will be free-to-play, but it will not have cross-play with PCs or consoles.

Like the console and PC version of the game, “Apex Legends Mobile” is a competitive battle royale where players will take on the role of specific characters with their own unique abilities. The mobile version will have its own unique Battle Pass and cosmetic items that are separate from those found in the PC and console versions of “Apex Legends”.



The game will start with a limited closed beta in India and the Philippines and only on Android devices this spring. Electronic Arts plans to implement iOS support and include more regions in further tests. But there is still no official release date.


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