[Qoo News] “World Flipper” Adds Zeta & Beatrix from “Granblue Fantasy”


Cygames announced that the “Granblue Fantasy” characters, Zeta & Beatrix, will appear in the world of “World Flipper” starting from May 12. A Countdown Event will also be held from May 17 to celebrate the 1.5 anniversary of “World Flipper”.


Pick-up Gacha

A pick-up gacha featuring new characters Zeta & Beatrix from “Granblue Fantasy” is available from May 12 ~ May 21.
■ ★ 5 Zeta (CV: Kana Hanazawa)

■ ★ 5 Beatrix (CV: Aya Hirano)


Boss Battle

A new boss battle event “Cross Blue” is available, where Zeta and Beatrix will appear in the scenario. Defeat powerful bosses and get rewards such as event-limited equipment items!


Rewards & Free Gacha

To commemorate the appearance of the new characters, 1,500 Star Guide Stones will be presented to all players who started the game by 11:59 [JPT] on June 14. 1 free gacha draw will also be presented to all players who login to the game during the event period.



Countdown Event

To celebrate the 1.5th anniversary of the game on May 27, every time you clear the quest, you can get items every day such as 150 Star Guide Stones.


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