[Qoo News] Madhouse x Shingo Natsume “Sonny Boy” Original Anime Reveals Cast & July 15 Premiere


“One-Punch Man” director Shingo Natsume and studio Madhouse’s “Sonny Boy” original anime is confirmed to premiere on July 15. The cast members of the four protagonists are also revealed.


“Sonny Boy” is a science-fiction survival anime that follows middle school third-year Nagara, transfer student Nozomi, and their classmate Mizuho. During their summer vacation, these three children, along with 33 other students, are suddenly transported from their homes to another dimension. In this dimension, new superpowers awaken in each of the children, and the former middle school students must learn to survive and control these overwhelming powers.

Teaser Video


■ Nagara – CV: Aoi Ichikawa

■ Nozomi – CV: Saori Ōnishi

■ Mizuho – CV: Aoi Yūki

■ Asakaze – CV: Chiaki Kobayashi



Empty classrooms, boring days. It was supposed to be a normal summer vacation just like any other. Suddenly, the school begins to drift through another dimension, and 36 boys and girls are left there, awakening to their supernatural abilities. Amidst the whirlpool of questions that come to mind one after another, survival in a supernatural world begins.


Staff and Production

Director & Script: Shingo Natsume
Original Character Design: Hisashi Eguchi
Character Design: Norifumi Kugai
Art Director: Mari Fujino
Color Design: Satoshi Hashimoto
Director of Photography: Akane Fushihara
Editing: Kashiko Kimura
Sound Director: Shouji Hata
Studio: Madhouse


■ Nagara – CV: Aoi Ichikawa
■ Nozomi – CV: Saori Ōnishi
■ Mizuho – CV: Aoi Yūki
■ Asakaze – CV: Chiaki Kobayashi

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