[Qoo News] Observe Nekomimi Boy Yosei! “Yosei no Shima” Simulation Idle Game Launches for Mobile


Runpath has launched the “Yosei no Shima”/ “Yosei Island” (ようせいの島) simulation idle game for iOS and Android devices on May 13.



“Yosei no Shima” is a casual idle game where you can relax and enjoy the adorable interaction with Yosei, a boy with nekimimi.

You are a researcher, who heads to a mysterious uninhabited island where Yosei lives, commonly known as “Yosei Island”.Your boss requested you to get along with Yosei and investigate the ecology… From here, your relaxing Yosei research life begins.


Observe Yosei carefully and check out his profile. What will this nekomimi boy love? Place different items and food in Yosei’s house and wait for the adorable reaction when he discovers them!


Rare items will only appear in specific conditions like weather and Yosei’s condition. Try different combinations and you may find super rare items!


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