[Qoo News] The Battle Between Light and Dark Begins! “Alchemy Stars” Mobile SRPG Officially Launches!


Tencent officially launches “Alchemy Stars” (白夜極光) strategy RPG for iOS and Android devices today on June 17. It also revealed an opening animation created by WIT STUDIO, the studio that produced the “Attack on Titan” anime series. *The game supports Japanese and English text.


Opening Animation


Developed by Tencent Games and Tourdog Studio, “Alchemy Stars” is a revolutionary RPG aimed to push the genre to new heights of strategy and suspense.

Set in the vast continent of Astra, which is a combination of science and magic, “Alchemy Stars” depicts the massive battle with the biological weapon “Dark Demon”. As a survivor of the “descendants of the sky” who are extinct by the “Dark Demon”, you will lead the “light spirits” to engage in battles to regain the light in the future …

The game features a vast fantasy world with characters bursting with personality and dynamic battle animations. Master the four elemental attributes to formulate the optimal plan to fight in the grid-like turn-based battles. A total of 150 illustrators and manga artists participated in the game’s character and art designs.





Game Launch Campaigns

■ Beginners Gacha
To celebrate the game launch, a beginner gacha is available for players to get rare ★ 5 and ★ 6 characters! The first 21 gacha draws will be available for half cost.


■ Pick-Up Gacha
A pick-up gacha for powerful characters Karen and Uriel will run between June 17 to July 7.



■ 8-day Growth Mission
In this beginner-only event, if you clear the mission according to the guide, you can obtain ★ 5 Dyna and various in-game items.


■ Animation MV
An animation MV that previews the game’s theme song “Midnight Sun” (白夜) performed by Reol will be streams on the official Youtube on June 17.


■ Pre-registration Rewards
The game celebrates its pre-registration reaching 1 million and all players can obtain all pre-registration rewards including coins x 11,500, limited furniture, icon, and Light Amber x 600.


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Alchemy Stars | Global Level Infinite Rate: 4.2 Install