[Qoo News] “Final Fantasy IX” Gets Animated Series for Kids


French studio Cyber Group Studios announced that it is developing an animated series based on Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy IX” video game for eight- to 13-year-olds.

FF9 動畫化

Cyber Group Studios will handle production, worldwide distribution, licensing, and merchandising. It is a co-development and co-production project with Square Enix.

The studio also revealed plans to begin pitching the series to broadcasters in the coming months, with the goal of beginning production by the end of 2021 or the start of 2022.

About Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is a 2000 role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation video game console. It is the ninth game in the main Final Fantasy series. The game has sold over 5.5 million copies worldwide by March 2016.

The plot focuses on a war between nations in a medieval fantasy world called Gaia. Players follow a thief named Zidane Tribal, who kidnaps the Alexandrian Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII as part of a ploy by the neighboring nation of Lindblum. He joins Garnet and a growing cast of characters on a quest to take down her mother, Queen Brahne of Alexandria, who started the war.

FF9 動畫化

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