[Qoo News] Gate of Nightmares Reveals 19 Characters Designed by Hiro Mashima


Square Enix’s Gate of Nightmares mobile game has revealed the details and cast members for the 19 in-game characters designed by manga artist Hiro Mashima.


The game is hosting a closed beta test between July 1 and 12. Interested players can sign up for the test HERE.


“Gate of Nightmares” is a completely new RPG developed by Square Enix with the production cooperation of Kodansha. “Rave” and “Fairy Tail” manga author Hiro Mashima works on the game’s character design and world setting.

The game sets in “Remrias” (レムリアス), a world that mix the real world with people’s dreams. The story centers on Emma, ​​a “Nightwalker” who can summon monsters from nightmares, and Azel, a boy whose existence attracts these monsters. An epic adventure begins when their fate is entwined.



Gate of Nightmares

Gate of Nightmares

Character & Cast

■ Azel – CV: Yūya Hirose
An adventurer who dreams of traveling around the world. He is reckless and friendly and likes to help people. His special body type attracts Nightmare.


■ Emma – CV: Lynn
A vice-leader of the Guild the Azel joins. She has a serious and cautious personality and serves as a brake to stop reckless behavior of Azel.


■ Meruru – CV: Atsumi Tanezaki
An amnesiac girl, who holds a white star magic stone. Since she met Azel and Emma in Remrias, she joins their adventure.


■ Oliver – CV: Natsuki Hanae
A prince of the Kingdom of Estrea. He has great executive power and believes in judging everything with his own eyes. He sometimes leaves the palace to observe the lives of his people.


■ Gran – CV: Hiroki Yasumoto
Former nightmare hunter with strong power. At first glance, he looks harsh and inaccessible, but he has a very friendly personality indeed. As he likes to take care of people, he knows a lot of people in different guilds.


■ Estio – CV: Wataru Hatano
The leader of the Seven-Star Knights and is known as the strongest warrior of Estrella.


■ Leonis – CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana
A beautiful court archer who loves and is loved by women. His sweet smile and behavior catch the hearts of many.


■ Allen – CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana
Son of the Nog Clan. He is free-spirited with an abnormally loud voice.

■ Barthus – CV: Haruki Ishiya
An excellent archer of the Nog Clan. He is a thoughtful and calm person that respects the rules of the clan. He rigorously watches over Allen and Ronya and guides them through the adventure.


■ Oristoll – CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu
A quiet swordsman who travels with his beloved sword Castor. He has a mysterious power to hear the voice of swords and has a unique relationship with Castor like a friend.


■ Cider – CV: Tetsuya Oka
The leader of the Knights of the Estrella Royal Palace. He is a straightforward knight with a mission to protect the people. He is also a good person who is highly trusted not only by the people but also by his subordinates.


■ Nord – CV: Wataru Hatano
Nord is the leader of the Nord Ranger who protects the peace of the city! His steps will not stop until the day when all evil is destroyed!


■ Abigail – CV: Saki Fujita
The vice-leader of the Seven-Star Knights. She is a talented person who acts as Estio’s right hand, and also a hard worker who constantly finds ways to improves herself.


■ Euphoria – CV: Aiko Ninomiya
Princess of the Kingdom of Estrella. She is a young politician who has high leadership and always behaves in a dignified manner. She is the sister of Oliver.


■ Ronya – CV: Chitose Morinaga
A monster slayer of the Nog Clan. She loves mischief, and always sets up traps to make fun of Allen. Though she speaks like an old man, she is still a child inside.


■ Luka – CV: Reina Ueda
A Nog girl who is like a younger sister of Ronya. She can only speak in words and study hard to speak in the common language.


■ Barcellio – CV: Akari Higuchi
A researcher specializing in studying Lemurias at the national research institute. She is a passionate researcher and devotes everything to unravel the mystery of Lemurius. She is especially interested in the ecology of Nightmare.


■ Olivia – CV: Akira Sekine
The owner of Olivia’s Store. She manages the store all by herself. Her bright and gentle smile is loved by people all over the royal capital.


■ Jasmine – CV: Aya Yamane
A researcher that specializes in studying Insect Nightmare. She is the assistant of Barcellio and loves insects so much that she won’t mind being attacked by them.


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