Alchemy Star Beginner’s Tips and Guide


Alchemy Star is a mobile gacha game that combines the UI of Arknights with the strategy gameplay of Pocoron Dungeon. Players collect Aurorians and place them in teams of 5 to take on stages that feature strategic block-removal battles. In addition to the main campaign, the game features additional content including side stories, resource stages for farming, and stamina-free content like the Spire and Secret Territory which tests your strategic mind and team compositions to the limits.


In the Guide/Tips, we’ll go through some of the top Aurorians for each element, things you want to put on your first priority to clear/reach, and the Legendary Aurorians and how to obtain them.

Top Characters per Element


Detonator – Off Convertor


Charon is a great Detonator who can summon a charging train for his active skill. If you manage to reach Breakthrough level 3, his active skill becomes preemptive which makes it a great way to ensure large clusters of red tiles when paired with other fire converters with preemptive active skills like Eicy or Uriel (Breakthrough 3).

His Chain Combo can be incredibly devastating to bosses that take up multiple tiles but greatly lacks range and versatility when compared to other Detonator units.

His Equipment Skill may sound weak on paper but when you put into consideration that when you fully Ascend Charon he can attack diagonally as well, the small damages add up to become quite significant, especially when dealing with large enemy types.

Converter – Fire Damage Buffer


Uriel is a very typical Converter. Her active skill refreshes all non-red tiles on the field and has increased chance of making red appear. Although it might not be as reliable as converters with guaranteed tile converts, what makes Uriel great is that her Chain Combo applies at least one stack of Burn on enemies it hits and when you fully Ascend her, her passive skill also burns all enemies on red tiles at the beginning of each turn. The damage from Burn may be minuscule, but the point of stacking burn is to utilize her Equipment Skill which increases Fire Aurorian’s damage per stack of burn.




From the increased damage per Dragontooth Mark (2% increased Chain & Active Skill damage – up to 6 marks) to her stat and passive effects on her Breakthrough tree, everything in Sharona’s skill set is tailored to creating one massive burst of damage with her Chain Combo.

Her Chain Combo, Blood Rage, deals up to 170% damage to 1 surrounding cluster and a cross shape to the maximum range. When in the optimum position, Sharona can easily tear through bosses and minions.

Her active Skill also allows her to teleport anywhere on the field and deal 300% damage to 2 surrounding clusters. At Breakthrough level 3, her active skill becomes preemptive, making Resource stages much faster to clear and giving you a better position right at the beginning of each stage.

Support – Healer Converter Hybrid


If Sharona is a very specialized Detonator, Raphael is a versatile jack-of-all-trades Support. Her active skill heals the team by 200% of Raphael’s attack as well as reset all non-blue tiles within 3 surround cluster, combine this with her Equipment skill which heals the team by a small amount every time a blue tile is formed, Raphael is a great unit which not only keeps your team healthy but also opens more opportunities to generate more damage.


Sniper – Single Target Cleaner


Migard is a single-target DPS. Her Equipment Skill is the bread and butter of her skillset and is one of the greatest reasons why she is one of the best DPS units in the game right now. After each Chain Combo or Active Skill, if the target has less than 20% HP, Migard unleashes another attack that deals 60%. When fully ascended, her Equipment skill also instantly kills the target if the target’s HP is less than Migard’s Attack after the bonus attack.



Gabriel gives players the ability to choose which tiles they want to convert and can generate enhanced tiles to give your team an extra boost. Her Active Skill is extremely useful but the down side is the slightly long cooldown.

Gabriel’s Equipment Skill is made to make the most out of monochrome Forest teams. The more green tiles you pass through the more enhanced tiles you can generate which converts to an increase in overall damage.




Irridon is a unique Converter. Her Active Skill allows her to freely convert two tiles into Gold tiles. These gold tiles expand in the direction players are heading hen passing through the tile. When placed strategically, Irridon can help players link clusters together to create much larger chains.

As a converter, Irridon’s base damage isn’t that high, but thanks to her Equipment skill which increases her Chain Combo and Normal Attack damage as she passes through prism tiles, Irridon can do more than just convert tiles.

Sniper – Burst Damage


Similar to Migard, Wrath can hit target’s twice which makes her incredibly good at clearing minions. But unlike Migard, her bonus attack comes in the form of her Active Skill which when activated allows Wrath’s Chain Combo to trigger twice for two turns. Although not as easy to use as Migard, when used at the right time, Wrath can clear out enemies that are close together in a single turn.

First Priority

Clear Chapter 7

The first priority when you start Alchemy Stars is to try to clear Chapter 7 as soon as possible. This will require some farming in between to obtain enough materials to ascend the main carry in your team.

There are a few main reasons why you want to rush past Chapter 7. First, by the time you clear Chapter 7, all the features are open, giving you access to everything you need to really improve your characters. Second, upon clearing Chapter 7, you will unlock Old Seal. This is where you will be able to obtain Legendary Aurorians. Each element has its own Aurorian.

Prism Pillar Upgrade

Prism is really scarce in Alchemy Stars. In the early parts of the game, the Plot Missions will reward you with Recharger Packs that instantly recharges 60 Prism but as you progress further, each stage will require over 20+ prism. Whenever possible you should upgrade the Prism Pillar in the Colossus to maximize your Prism generation.


The Workshop in the Colossus is something you want to get to at least level 4 asap. Once the Workshop reaches level 4, you will be able to smelt the materials required to fully Ascend your Aurorians. Whilst this isn’t as important as the Prism Pillar you should keep the Workshop upgraded in preparation for Ascending your Aurorians.

Legendary Breakdown – Who to Choose


Legendary Aurorirans are special units that utilize Vis. Legendary Aurorians gain at the beginning of each turn or when specific conditions are met (per kill etc.). When Legendary Aurorians use their active skills, Vis is used. Each unit’s active skill will have different ways of expending Vis.

It is hard to say which Legendary is the best because they all have their own pros and cons. Legendary Aurorians are extremely end-game units and take a long time to obtain. By the time you obtain them, you will most likely already have teams that are well built and can clear the majority of the game’s content. If you don’t already have a preference on which one you want, I would recommend going for the same element as you strongest carry. The reason for this is because you will need to clear Spire level 30 of the corresponding element. Without a strong carry, it will be a little more challenging and time-consuming to clear.




Frostfire is a ranged nuker who can activate her Active Skill as long as she has enough Vis. Each cost of her Active Skill costs 10 Vis and she gains 5 Vis at the beginning of each turn. Her Chain Combo hits up to 3 targets within 3 surrounding cluster and for each target hit she gains 1 Vis. Her Active Skill deals 150% damage to one selected tile. 50% of that damage splashes in a cross shape from the selected tile. What makes her Active Skill incredible is that time the skill is casted, the damage increases by 10%.




Regal is a bruiser-type Aurorian. His Active Skill increases his Chain Combo and Normal Attack Damage by 20% and allows his normal attacks to be launched diagonally. His Active Skill costs 10 Vis to activate and he starts each battle with 10 Vis. At the start of each turn Regal gains 1Vis for every enemy “in 4 tiles in a cross shape”. At the end of each turn, if his Active Skill is not active, he gains 5 Vis and one additional Vis for every 20% HP lost.




Mythos is an high DPS Aurorian that has consistent damage. She gains 5 Vis at the start of every turn and gains and additional 1 Vis for the first Normal Attack made that turn, the first Normal Attack will deal 100% more damage. Her Chain Combo deals damage to the closest target (3-Chain:210% 7-Chain:225% 10-Chain:260%) and gains Vis depending on the chain (3-Chain: 1 Vis 7-Chain: 2 Vis 10-Chain: 3 Vis). Her Chain Combo also has a 30% chance to deal 50% more damage. The trigger chance increases depending on how much Vis she has (1% increase per Vis).

her Active Skill costs 10 Vis and burns all the unused Vis to increase the damage of the attack. The base attack is 150% and for each Vis burnt the damage increases by 8%.




Requiem is an Aurorian who shines when all the enemies are spread out on the field. When her Chain Combo hits a target, she summons a lightning strike on the enemy farthest away from her dealing the same damage as the Chain Combo (4-Chain:160% 9-Chain:175% 12-Chain:180%).

Her Active Skill costs 10 Vis to cast and burns all remaining Vis to attack all enemies. the base damage of the skill is 150% and for each Vis burnt the damage is increased by 15% and the attack ignores 1% defence.

Requiem gains 5 Vis at the start of each round. When she kills an enemy with her Active Skill she gains 2 extra Vis. Her Normal Attacks also has a 30% chance to summon a lightning strike on the farthest enemy.

Legendary Aurorians Missions

To obtain Legendary Aurorians, players will first have to clear Chapter 7, then pick the Legendary Aurorian they want, then clear 5 tiers of missions before the Legendary Aurorian can be obtained. These missions include

Consume 3,000 Prism
Log in for a total of 10 Days
Clear Frost/Molten/Emerald/Thunderbolt Spire level 30

Consume 5,000 Prism
Complete 180 Daily Quests
Submit 500,000 Nightium

Consume 8,000 Prism
Clear the Forgotten Snow-Water/Fire/Forest/Thunder Tide Dungeon 40 times
Clear the Temperiing Illumia Dungeon 30 times

Consume 8,000 Prism
Complete 80 Dispatch Quests
Clear 60 Main Story boss stages

Consume 10,000 Prism
Submit 10 Water/Fire/Forest/Thunder Flare Tiles
Submit 10 Water/Fire/Forest/Thunder Crystal Clusters
Submit 10 Water/Fire/Forest/Thunder Potion III

Hope you found this useful. Are there any tips you found particularly useful that aren’t in this guide? Let us know in the comments!

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