[Qoo News] Nintendo Announces New Nintendo Switch OLED Model


Nintendo has just announced the newest entry to their Nintendo Switch family, the Nintendo Switch OLED model. The new model will be available on 8th October this year. According to the new model’s product page on Nintendo’s website, the MSRP, Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, of the new model is around 350USD.

switch oled model

As the name suggests, the biggest difference between the OLED Model and its predecessor is the 7-inch OLED screen which is a significant display upgrade over the existing Nintendo Switch (original) and Switch Lite. To match the visual improvements to the device, the console itself will also feature enhanced audio output.




In addition to the display difference, Nintendo has also made changes to the stand at the back of the device. The OLED Model will feature a wide and adjustable stand to enhance the player’s tabletop mode experience with the console. The device will also have 64GB of internal storage. Nintendo has confirmed that existing games and Joy-Cons will be compatible with the new model.


The Dock that will come with the new device will also receive a much-needed upgrade. Nintendo has added a built-in LAN port ensuring a stable internet connection when playing in TV mode.


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