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Tales of Asteria x Scarlet Nexus Collaboration Begins on September 13

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Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Tales of Asteria mobile game has started a collaboration with Scarlet Nexus console game from September 13.

Collaboration PV

Collaboration Gacha

A collaboration gacha featuring Tales of Asteria characters in Scarlet Nexus costumes will be available until October 4, 15:59 [JPT].

Players will have the chance to get Bond Awakening enabled ★5 Ludger [Yuito-style], ★5 Rita [Hanabi-style] and ★5 Richter [Karen-style].

This gacha is a 7 Step Up gacha, where you pay a discounted rate to draw 10 characters and continuously raise your chances of pulling a ★5 character. The fourth step is free, and with the seventh step a Bond Awakening enabled 5☆ character is guaranteed.

★5 Ludger [Yuito-style]

★5 Rita [Hanabi-style]

★5 Richter [Karen-style]

Collaboration Quests

Collect Data at the limited quests to get ★5 Yuito and ★5 Kasane. A special collaboration scenario is also available in this event held until October 4.

Official Site

Official Twitter

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