[Qoo News] WFS x Key’s Heaven Burns Red Unveils 2nd PV & Battle System at TGS2021


WFS and Key’s Heaven Burns Red mobile game revealed the second promotional video during today’s Wright Flyer Studios live stream at TGS2021. The program also showcased a demo play introducing battle system.


Heaven Burns Red is a new game created by Key’s visual novel writer Jun Maeda, who is known to create AIR, Kanon and CLANNAD. The story centers on the 31A squad, a girl-only special force formed to confront the mysterious entity “Cancer,” which wiped half of the population on earth. Weiding special weapons known as “Seraph”, the girls started the never-ending battles to protect mankind.





2nd PV

Battle System

Players form a team of six and only three characters can move every turn. Players can switch characters whenever they want during battles. The game features a turn-based command battle system, where teamwork is the key to victory. SP will accumulate in every turn and it can be used to unleash character’s skills. The battle will end even if one character is killed.




The enemy will have a mode bar. When it reaches its fullest, it will turn into Overdrive mode and unleash special attacks. ​​When an enemy’s Overdrive bar is depleted, the enemy enters Break mode and the damage dealt in the Break mode will increase. The same rules apply to your characters, who also have a mode bar.




Pre-registration Rewards

The game’s pre-registration has reached 15,000. All players receive quartz x 3,000 and 10x Gacha Ticket when the pre-registration reaches 300,000.

Players can now pre-register Heaven Burns Red by following the official Twitter & LINE/ via Mail/ App Store/ Google Play. Details can be found HERE.


Official Site

Official Twitter

TGS2021 Special Page

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