[Qoo News] Tales of Luminaria Mobile Game Showcases Demo Play at TGS2021


Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Tales of Luminaria mobile game showcased a demo play during today’s live stream at TGS 2021.


Tales of Luminaria centers around 21 protagonists, who clash over opposing justice, forge bonds, and grow as people. Players will follow their individual growth and adventure from their perspectives, and finally unveils the truth behind this world when their fate entwines. The game is set to release in 2021.




Demo Play

Tales of Luminaria features an intuitive action battle system where players engage and avoid attacks by tapping, holding and flicking the screen.


The demo play showcased Celia, an archer, who can aim enemies from a distance and Edouard, a mercenary, who is good at melee attack. The game’s producer explained that as the 21 protagonist feature different battle styles, players can experience totally different gaming experience in the voluminous story chapters. Stunning animation will be available when you proceed with the story. Players can also discover the map and collect materials by moving around the world of Tales of Luminaria.





Demo Play Archive (Start from 2:51:48)

Character PV

The official Youtube starts streaming the promotional videos to introduce the 21 protagonists.
■ Lydie Delacroix

■ Edouard Rouquier

■ Lisette Regnier

■ Lucien Dufaure

■ Vanessa Morax

■ Yelsy

■ Maxime Hasselmans

■ Michelle Bouquet

■ Celia Arvier

■ Leo Fourcade

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