[Qoo News] Seven Knights 2 Goes Global in November! Pre-registration Opens Now!


Netmarble announced that Seven Knights II mobile game will launch globally in November during an online media showcase on October 7 in Japan. Pre-registration is available now on the official site. Those who pre-register can get a limited edition greater pet and 50,000 Gold when the game officially launches.



Seven Knights II is a sequel to the Seven Knights mobile game and is developed by Netmarble’s subsidiary company Netmarble Nexus. It is set 20 years after the world of “Seven Knights” and is highlighted by a Cinematic production and stories developed by Unreal Engine 4.

It features signature characters from its previous game, as well as original characters. Players will be able to build a team of four and engage in real-time group combat.The game currently includes scenarios and quests up to Chapter 9, 46 heroes, raid battles for 4 or 8 players, and PvP content.


Official Site

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