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Ink on Heian Punk x Strategic Tower Defense Game Launches for Mobile on October 18

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Black Beard Design Studio announced that it will release Ink on strategic tower defense game for iOS and Android on October 18, 2021.

Ink on is an original IP developed Black Beard Design Studio, the Japanese studio that is known to provide CG for NieR:Automata and Ninjala, and as the developer of N.E.O.

The cyberpunk-themed game is set in the Heian period, where yōkai dominated the world. Ink art is the only power that can counter it. The story will follow a group of young artists who aim to be the “ink masters” who learn to control their ink art and protect the world from yōkai. The tower defense gameplay requires you to protect the base from the yōkai that appear one after another.


PV2 (Battle)

PV3 (Story)

Official Site

Official Twitter

Ink on Ink on Ink on Black Beard Design Studio Release Date: Not specified Pre-register
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