[Qoo News] Manasis Refrain Bishojo Healing RPG Officially Launches on October 22


Proxima Beta officially launches Manasis Refrain bishojo RPG for iOS and Android today on October 22, 2021. To celebrate the game launch, a bunch of celebration campaigns are currently underway.


Manasis Refrain takes place in the continent of Fotania, where a world of mystical adventures begins, and a rare sighting of spirits and humans coexists in this land. The protagonist is a new student of Theodoric Academy, a magical school training the younger generation to prepare for future threats. There, you meet bishojo with different personalities and begin a magical journey that is out of your imagination…


Opening Movie

Game Launch Campaigns

■ New Student Special Gacha
The New Student Special Gacha will guarantee a SR or higher character for every 10 pulls. A SSR character is guaranteed at 50 pulls.

■ Login Bonus
Players can obtain a maximum of Crystal x 2,700 and all different kinds of items simply by logging into the game.

■ New Student Missions
New missions will be unlocked for 7 consecutive days. Completing the mission can receive either Hope Star x 200 or select 1 SSR character.

■ Gift Packs
Different game launch celebration gift packs are currently on sale.



Manasis Refrain features a real-time combat system, where players form a team of three and operate one of the girls to move and fight. The other two girls will support automatically. Tap the combo icon to unleash powerful combo attacks. The ultimate skills of the girls also feature a beautiful animation.


The game also has lots of content including fishing and collecting materials for forging and alchemy. The materials can also be used to craft weapons and furniture.



Official Site

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