[Qoo News] Love Live! School Idol Festival x Persona Collaboration Starts on October 31


KLab’s Love Live! School Idol Festival mobile rhythm game has confirmed a collaboration with the Persona series from October 31, 2021. The collaboration UR card visuals of the μ’s members are also revealed.


The collaboration event will feature a special story centering Mona from Persona 5 from October 31 to November 25. Three Persona songs, Burn My Dread, Pursuing My True Self, and Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There will also be playable.


UR Card Visuals

■ Honoka Kōsaka x Palladion

LoveLive!學園偶像祭 女神異聞錄
■ Eli Ayase x Penthesilea

LoveLive!學園偶像祭 女神異聞錄
■ Kotori Minami x JohannaLoveLive!學園偶像祭 女神異聞錄
■ Umi Sonoda x Konohana Sakuya

LoveLive!學園偶像祭 女神異聞錄
■ Rin Hoshizora x Tomoe Gozen

LoveLive!學園偶像祭 女神異聞錄
■ Maki Nishikino x Carmen

LoveLive!學園偶像祭 女神異聞錄
■ Nozomi Tojo x Sukuna-Hikona

LoveLive!學園偶像祭 女神異聞錄
■ Hanayo Koizumi x Io

LoveLive!學園偶像祭 女神異聞錄
■ Nico Yazawa x Milady de Winter

LoveLive!學園偶像祭 女神異聞錄

Love Live! School Idol Festival is currently holding a special Pre-Collab Campaign, where players can receive a special in-game item by making the special site reach 50,000 visitors before October 30.


Special Site

Official Twitter

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