Blue Archive Bishōjo RPG Goes Global on November 8


Nexon announced that the global version of Blue Archive school monogatari RPG will release for iOS and Android on November 8, 2021.

Blue Archive Bishōjo RPG Goes Global on November 8

Pre-registration of Blue Archive has reached 1 million milestones. Those who still have’t pre-registered can do it on the official site to obtain awesome rewards including 2-star character Mutsuki, 1,400 pyroxenes, and 150,000 credits.


About Blue Archive

Developed by Nexon’s subsidiary NAT Games, Blue Archive is a “finding miracle in everyday life” RPG. Players will play the role of a teacher who leads students to solve crises of the School City.

The game features a “pop story” with anime-styled visuals and 3D graphics. Players can build their team with 4 members + 2 supporters. The battle features the SD form of the characters and is fully automatic. Players can unleash character skills when they accumulate enough cost. Multiplayer content such as PvP battles and boss raids are also available.


Blue Archive Animation PV

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