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PUBG: New State Now Available on iOS and Android

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Krafton officially launches PUBG: New State for iOS and Android worldwide today on November 11, 2021. A trailer introducing its next-generation battle royale features started streaming on its official Youtube Channel.

PUBG: New State Now Available on iOS and Android

PUBG: New State celebrated its worldwide pre-registration reaching 55 million, and a limited vehicle skin will be presented to all players for this milestone. The global launch event also gives away new rewards every day.

PUBG: New State Trailer

About PUBG: New State

PUBG: New State is a battle-royale game set in the PUBG world in the year 2051. The new title has several new features including cleaner graphics, weapon customization options, drones, ballistic shields, and more. On release, the game will have four maps; Erangel, Troi, a four vs. four TDM map, and the training grounds, with more maps coming in the future.

PUBG: New State also features a new Recruit System, which allows players to recruit enemy players into their team, meaning that if you are playing squads with only three players, you can add a fourth ally during battle. The enemy players will have a chance to join your team or choose death. This indicates that only enemies that you knock out or kill can be recruited into your team.

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