Seven Knights 2 Reroll Guide & Best Characters


Seven Knights 2 is a departure from its prequel’s turn-based tactical style of combat, favoring an MMORPG-like real-time-action style instead. Set 20 years after the story of the first game, Seven Knights 2 focus on the Daybreak Mercenaries led by Lene, the daughter of Eileene, who is a member of the Seven Knights in the original game. 

Seven Knights 2 Reroll Guide & Best Characters

Players will traverse dangerous terrain, collect new items, and build relationships while searching for Rudy, the last remaining member of Seven Knights. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to help you get started!

How to Reroll?

First and foremost, you are not recommended to reroll in Seven Knights 2 . The process itself is incredibly time-consuming and the gacha rates are low enough to make the process even more frustrating. However, gacha gamers are going to do what gacha gamers are going to do, after all. So, should you be brave enough to dive into the Seven Knights 2 reset marathon, here’s what you need to do.


 1. Download Seven Knights 2 and open a Guest account
 2. Complete the tutorial until reaching Estella’s Shop
 3. Perform the tutorial summon
 4. Collect all rewards for missions/account binding/etc.
 5. Use all currency in Gacha (usually 1-2 single summons)
 6. Open Menu -> Option -> Log Out 
 7. Select Reset on the Title screen
 8. Repeat from Step 2

You will need to play through the game for a few hours until you are able to naturally accrue enough currency for a 10x pull. However, there is also another reroll method including adding your account ID into a coupon engine to search for rewards but these do not work for everyone. But if you are able to do so, here is the reroll steps;

 1.  Download Seven Knights 2 and open a Guest account
 2.  Complete the tutorial until reaching Estella’s Shop
 3.  Perform the tutorial summon
 4.  Collect all rewards for missions/account binding/etc.
 5.  Go to the Account from Menu and copy your player ID
 6. Enter your ID at [] to receive in-game rewards delivered directly to your mailbox.
 7.  Purchase a Hero Selection Ticket using Topaz
 8.  Open the Legendary Ticket from your mailbox
 9.  Use all currency in Gacha
 10.  Open the Heroes Selection Banner and spend all your tickets.
 11. Try to get a Legendary character until you spend all resources

iOS players can also redeem 5 equipment summon tickets with the Common Coupon. The redeem code is [1110SEVENKNIGHTS2]


This is why rerolling in Seven Knights 2 is not really viable. Not having enough currency to even perform a single ten pull after unlocking the shop really disincentives you from rerolling.

Sure, you may get incredibly lucky with your first daily summon upon booting up the game but, for mere mortals not blessed by such luck, you will be forced to replay everything from the very beginning and, even when skipping cutscenes, it takes a long time. All in all, the time consumed to reroll just to perform one summon is not worth it!


More importantly, the arguable best character in the game is given to all players who check-in to the game for 7 days during the New Mercenary Commander Special Daily Check-in event!

Best Characters in Seven Knights 2

Though there are lots of great characters in Seven Knights 2, what you aim for is at least one Legendary character. Luckily, you will receive a useable Legendary character as a 7-day login rewards. Here are some of the best characters currently available in the game;

■ Shane

Shane is an S+ DPS powerhouse who has a chance to deal 1500% of her already ridiculous high attack power to bosses. Shane also has access to stealth which is great for a DPS glass cannon as she becomes untargetable.


■ Cosette

Cosette is another top-tier DPS unit (arguably the strongest damage-dealer in the game) and provides just as much burst potential as Shane. She has a self-boosting attack skill that also reduces the enemy’s recovery rate by 100%. She is useful in almost all forms of content and she is definitely one of the top attacker.


■ Karin

Karin is the best supporter in the game. Veteran gamers will know just how important a good healer/buffer can be. Karin’s ability to revive all dead allies is especially important when you proceed the game forward. While it is by no means necessary, it makes a lot of the more difficult fights insanely easy!

While it is only advised to start with a top-tier legendary as you may have to wait a long time to attain one otherwise, it is almost imperative to start the game with Karin. She will trivialize most of the early game enemy encounters allowing you to breeze through comfortably to the end game. Luckily, all players will receive Karin for free in the 7-day login rewards!


■ Rudy

Rudy is one of, if not, the best Tank in the game. He will keep your team alive through defensive buffing, shielding, and crowd control interrupts. Don’t overlook his potential if  you manage to summon him!


How to Make Your Characters Stronger?

We’ll use Lene as an example to explain the combat system of Seven Knights 2. Every character has basic attacks and three unique abilities, and an ultimate. However, when taking a closer look at our units, things get a little more complicated. Each unit in the game will have what is called “Combat Power”. Essentially a measure of your character’s strength, there are a few ways to increase this.


■ Level-Up: Using XP potions to increase your Heroes’ level will in turn increase their combat power.

■ Enhance your Heroes’ skills: Each of your Heroes’ skills will have a level cap that needs to be reached in order to attain maximum damage.

■ Equipping Set Items: Not only will equipping gear to your heroes increase their combat power but it will also give added bonus effects such as increased critical hit chance/damage.

■ Divinity: Training Divinity will give your characters bonus passive skills such as increased defense or crit rate. Training Divinity is important as it affects ALL your heroes.

■ Equip Pets: Equipping a pet can increase your combat power by upwards of 7000 points while also providing bonus skills to all active party members such as increased healing or increased gold gained after a battle.

■ Formation: When arranging the heroes for battle, the formation you place them in will also affect the bonus stats and abilities they receive.

■ Potential: Upgrading Potential will increase Attack, Defense, and HP, thereby increasing your combat power. 

■ Transcending gear: Transcending gear is slightly different than upgrading gear and involves using the same gear piece as an enhance material. This will significantly increase the gear’s stats.

Each character has different and unique movesets so get out there and find which abilities you like playing with the most! Frankly, once you reach a certain power level in Seven Knights 2, you can turn on the auto mode with auto-skill, auto-attack, and auto-move to grind for hours without having to even look at the screen!



Should You Play Seven Knights 2?

In short, yes! Seven Knights 2 may be a stark contrast to what came before it but that makes it feel like a new and refreshing experience rather than a simple rehash. Everything has been knocked out of the park here in terms of gameplay depth and art (with a slight exception to the gacha rates) making Seven Knights 2 a fresh new take on the already established franchise. We hope these tips are enough to help you get started on your adventure in Seven Knights!


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