DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE x Another Eden Collab Available Now


DanMachi – MEMORIA FREESE has started a collaboration with WFS’ Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space mobile RPG from November 17 to December 8 (PST).

DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE x Another Eden Collaboration Available Now Until December 8

Collab PV

Story Event “Under Resort and the Feline Guide”

The story event “Under Resort and the Feline Guide” will feature an original story with full voice. Aldo (CV. Koki Uchiyama) and Feinne (CV. Ai Kayano) from Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, will also join your party by playing the event!



Clear the event’s Normal 1-7 to obtain 4★[Spacetime Adventurer] Aldo! Clear various conditions of the story event will give you a total of 5 [Spacetime Adventurer] Bonds to be used to Max. Limit Break 4★[Spacetime Adventurer] Aldo!

Also, if you clear Tall Tale Under Resort and the Feline Guide Very Hard 1-13, you can get 4★[Friendly Maiden] Feinne!


Collab Gacha

The collaboration gacha will feature Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space’s Feinne (CV: Ai Kayano), Mariel (CV: Saori Hayami), and Thillelille (CV: Inori Minase).




DanMachi’s Hestia (CV: Inori Minase), Ais (CV: Saori Onishi), and Ryu (CV: Saori Hayami) will also be available in collab outfits as new 4★ Time-limited Units!




High Difficulty Battle

The time-limited crossover quest Final Trial -Otherworld Beast- will be available from November 24 to December 7. This high difficulty battle content allows you to fight against the powerful enemy Beast Vares, that came from the world of Another Eden.


Not only can you earn a gacha ticket as a reward when you first clear the event, but based on your score and rank you may also earn Hero Light, Ascension Falna or a special Feat.

[Feat] Final Trial -Otherworld Beast-, a special Feat you can earn as a ranking reward for this crossover event, comes in different colors based on your ranking!

Collab Outfit

The Order Made Outfit of Bell wearing Aldo’s outfit will be added to the shop.This special set includes a Feline Guide 4★ Gtd. 11 Draw Ticket that gets you a collab unit guaranteed. The Order Made outfit also comes with Special Arts animations.


Crossover Login Bonus

From November 18 to December 9, players who login the game can obtain 11 Draw Ticket on the 7th Day, and a 4★ Gtd. 11 Draw Ticket on the 14th Day as rewards.


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