Soul Land Reloaded Real-time Action RPG Officially Launches Today!


The real-time action RPG game Soul Land Reloaded officially launches today on November 26! Soul Land Reloaded is based on the original story of the Soul Land (Douluo Continent) fantasy novel series. Experience Tang San’s epic journey, meet Shrek Seven Devils, hunt down Soul Beasts, and conquer Sea God Island!

Soul Land Reloaded Real-time Action RPG Officially Launches Today!

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Soul Land Reloaded allows players to recruit heroes and battle enemies with strategy, compete with other players in epic cross-server fights, as well as build your guild to challenge the most powerful Soul-Beast with your friends!


The journey of Soul Land Reloaded began when twelve-year-old Tang San entered Shrek Academy, where he met his allies and tested for his strength. The young Tang San started his soul master cultivation journey in the Holy Soul Village, and dreamed of revitalizing the Tang Sect. When the Tang Sect hidden weapon came to the Soul Land, and when Tang San’s martial spirit awakened, could he reinvigorate Tang Sect’s glory again in this martial spirit world?


Soul Land Reloaded PV

Various Heroes & Team Combinations

Experiment with different classes of heroes and teams to find out the most powerful combination.


No Wasted Investment

There’s no useless Martial Soul in Soul Land, just like there’s no wasted investment in the game, all resources you ever spent can be refunded by reincarnating heroes.


Real-time Combat

Control your character to dodge dangerous enemy attacks, find their weakness to outplay your opponents.


Insane progression Speed

Free 10 pull for your first 7 days log-in, super high drop rate, and multiple guaranteed summons.


Build Heroes and Compete

Develop your characters like a real Soul Master and compete with other players for the Ultimate Douluo Title.


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