Artery Gear: Fusion Review – A Flashy SRPG for You to Collect Waifu


In recent years, Chinese video sharing website BiliBili has been trying to tap into the mobile gaming industry with lots of eye-catching creations. One of them is Artery Gear: Fusion, a turn-based RPG that successfully enter the Japanese market last month.

At first look, Artery Gear: Fusion seems to be your usual mobile RPG that allows you to collect waifu, but there are actually depths in its flashy turn-based combat system .


The Beginning of the End of the World

The dark fantasy story of Artery Gear: Fusion started when the unknown life form Puppet invaded the planet earth. As the commander of the Union Fleet – Artery Gear, you have to commend a unit of  humanoid battle machines, known as AG, to save humanity from falling into the hands of the Puppet.



Players can choose the appearance of their commanders from a young girl to an old man, with some more options in between. But no matter who you choose, you will gain respect from the girls and become part of their life story to save the world.


The worldview of Artery Gear: Fusion is compelling, but the game’s main story falls short with little animated cut-scenes and voice acted dialogues. Those who are looking for a fully voiced stories will be disappointed as only part of the dialogues have voices.



Skill Priority System Makes Everything Easier

Artery Gear: Fusion follows a standard turn-based combat system where players can select the moves of their units simply by clicking them and the target they attack. A double speed up and auto-play option is also available after they clear Stage 1-3.

Each girls have 3 different abilities, including a unique ability that comes with a 3D animated skill effects. Like many other turn-based games, you have to plot strategies taking into account of different buffs and debuffs  of your enemies.

In addition to its classic turn-based combat system, Artery Gear: Fusion surprises with a skill priority system, which allows players to customize which skills their units will use even when they turn on the auto mode. This really makes the battles easier and more efficient, even for high-difficulty quest. Players can also turn off the skill animations in settings to save farming time.


Beautiful Mecha Waifu Awaits

Most importantly, Artery Gear: Fusion offers all kinds of different beautiful mecha waifu girls for you collect. The character design of this game is simply amazing and many main characters from the previous Artery Gear game are also  making a comeback. Unfortunately it is never easy to get your favourite girls considering a super-low 2% gacha rate for 5-star AG units.


All  the girls feature a beautiful live 2D graphics, while players can view them in their Collection menu. Players will be smitten by a wide variety of girls fused with mecha themes like fox-girl mechas, cat-girl mechas, traditional stylized mechs and modern/future generation mechs. You can also learn the backstory of each characters by increasing the affection levels of the girls.


Prepare Your Girls for Battles

In Artery Gear: Fusion, the nurturing system follows the standard procedure of levelling up and awaken the characters. You can increase their stats and strength by equipping different gears. However, only equipment with the same sets will get players their desired stats.


Players can also feed the units’ duplicates to grant extra stats to your allies. However, powering up your equipment and collecting the highest rarity equipment from the dungeons seems the fastest to power up your girls.


Assemble the Mechs to Pave the Path to Victory

Artery Gear: Fusion follows a great mix of team-building format where players can design a formation of 4 main characters and 2 support characters. The main characters are the battle characters that use their abilities in battles, while the support characters help your main characters either by supporting them defensively or offensively using their support skills. An element system is also available to add strategic depth to the system.


Content Rich Experience

From grinding mech bosses to obtain gear to fighting opponent commanders in the PvP, Artery Gear: Fusion has it all. The game also includes a vast majority of gear/equipment farming dungeons, giving players different option to strengthen your units.


Apart from the gear-grinding, various other resources like Data collection (EXP increasing material), and Gold have their own specific dungeons to farm every day. While Event dungeons are also available for players to farm extra premium currency, Data, and Gold.


Final Thoughts

Artery Gear: Fusion is a beautifully developed game, which includes lots of contents for players to grind and farm resources. The aesthetically pleasing animations and skill effects in battles certainly help immerse players to its apocalyptic world. For those who adores turn-based RPG games shall find it amusing with all the strategies available in team building and during battles.  However, for those who get bored of all the repetitive grinding, they’ll find it incompatible to other games with more action available in-game.


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