Genshin Impact Guide: How to Build Albedo


While Genshin Impact is having a rerun banner of Albedo in its recent 2.3 Update until December 14, it is the best timing to check out the recommended builds for this reclusive alchemist.

Genshin Impact Guide: How to Build Albedo

Back then, Albedo won’t be your first pick when Geo was still a weak Elemental Resonance at the time of his release. But when Travellers begin to understand how to wield Geo characters, the true value of Albedo finally shows.

In this Albedo build guide, we won’t be including 5-star gacha weapons and 5-star characters, but will focus on 4-star characters that are much easier to obtain for beginners.


■ About Albedo

■ Recommended Party

■ Best Weapon for Albedo

■ Best Artifacts for Albedo

About Albedo

Albedo is the chief alchemist and captain of the Investigation Team of the Knights of Favonius. He wields the element of Geo and is generally used as a Sub DPS in Geo compositions.


One of his charm is the skill of Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma, which planted a flower on the field with crystallise damage dealing continuously whenever he and his allies hit enemies inside the flower’s radius. The short cool time of this skills allows this skill runs continuously. If you stand on top of the Isotoma, it will also lift you up and perform a powerful plunge attack.

Recommended Party

When it comes to the party build for Albedo, it is important to know that Albedo won’t be your main damage dealer in most of the situations. While there are very specific builds that might allow this, but for the purposes of this guide, we will be building him as a sub DPS dealer.

Thanks to the Geo Elemental Resonance effect, building a Geo Team for Albedo is probably the best option that you could have.  Albedo’s Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma can support him and his allies with continuous AoE Geo DMG damage based on Albedo’s DEF. Switching Albedo with your main damage dealer repeatedly will multiplier the damage dealt to enemies. 


Theoretically, we could pair him with Zhongli, the best Geo character of Genshin Impact. However, as he is still unavailable in the current banner, here are three other recommend Geo party member to pair with Albedo:

Ningguang, The Geo Queen

When two and more Geo characters are in your party, Enduring Rock activates. It increase shield strength by 15% and characters with a shield will deal additional DMG by 15% and decrease the enemies Geo RES by 20% for 15 seconds.

Ningguang takes an important role when it comes to party build for Albedo. Her Jade Screen (Shield) can not only activate the Enduring Rock, but  also grant Geo DMG buff to allies when they passes through it.


Noelle, the DPS Maid
Noelle is one of the best DPS Geo character except Zhongli, and a 4-star character you can easily obtain. Her Elemental Skill, Breastplate, creates a shield that scales with her Defense and gives her Normal Attacks a chance to heal the party.

This skill not only benefits from the Enduring Rock effect that increase her Geo damage, but also maintain HP for your party.


Gorou, the Canine Warrior
Although at this time of this writing, Gorou has yet to be released, thanks to his Hangout Event, you will able to test his potential. And in fact, his ability cast buffs based on the number of Geo characters in your team.


Gorou’s War Banner will buff both Albedo and his party members with Geo DMG and DEF bonus. It also has a wide radius that benefits his allies as long as they stay inside.

Here’s a video of showcasing this combat talent. With the help of Gorou, Albedo can deals up to 20,000 damage, making Gorou one of the best party member for Albedo. For those who have Albedo, you are welcome to test Gorou to decide whether to go for his banner, which should be coming in the next few weeks.

And of course you can build a team with different elemental characters to trigger multiple elemental reactions. Thanks to Albedo’s Solar Isotoma, the Crystalize reaction will trigger multiple times, and generate many Elemental Particles for your team.


Best Weapon for Albedo

One of best weapon for Albedo is Cinnabar Spindle, which you can obtain in the Shadows Amid Snowstorms event, available from November 25 to December 13, 2021.

This sword gives a huge defense boost to Albedo, and its ability, Spotless Heart. It also increases his Elemental Skill DMG based on his DEF stat. Every attacks and abilities of Albedo gains benefit from high defense, considering that his damage is scaled up based on how high his defense is.


The 3-star gacha weapon Harbinger of Dawn is also a good replacement as it can give a great boost to Albedo’s Critical Rate and Critical Damage when his HP is over 90%. And since you have to focus on his defense anyway, it is actually quit easy to maintain his HP.


Best Artifact for Albedo

In the past, players would run a set of Archaic Petra for Albedo. But after the update of Version 2.3, the release of a new set of artifact, Husk of Opulent Dreams, may suggest you otherwise.

While it doesn’t completely outclass the Archaic Petra set, the Husk of Opulent Dreams, which you can obtain from the Slumbering Court, a domain located on Inazuma’s Seirai Island, is an amazing set that manages to give both Geo DMG buff and DEF buffs to Albedo with easy-to-meet conditions.


Equipping four pieces of the Husk of Opulent Dreams comes with a very interesting effect, Curiosity. The description for it is fairly long and wordy, but in very simple terms, whenever Geo DMG is dealt to an enemy, the Curiosity stat is applied to Albedo, giving him a buff of 6% on both his DEF and Geo DMG.


Now, 6% might not sound impressive, but the Curiosity buff can stack up to 4 times, for a total of 24% DEF and 24% Geo DMG boost. On top of that, a 30% DEF bonus is given from the 2-piece effect, so you’re effectively looking at a boost of DEF of over 50%.


Artifacts are divided into one main stat and four sub-stats. Listing all of them would make this guide rather long, but just keep in mind the following main stats are recommended:

■ Goblets: Geo DMG% 

■ Sand/ Hourglass: DEF stat to grant bonuses from his abilities.

■ Hat/ Crown, either Crit Rate/ Crit Damage/DEF%

■ Feather/ Flower, Crit Rate and Crit Damage on their substats, as well as DEF%.

Be very careful not to confuse one critical point! While cramming DEF% might sound like the easy way out here, it is NOT recommended you attempt to do a set with only DEF being boosted. Albedo needs both a Critical DMG and Critical Rate bonuses as well, so to help his Isotoma’s Geo attacks to deal up to 12 000 damage, a nice extra on top of the damage dealt by your DPS.

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