Tribe Nine Anime Reveals OP & ED Movie with Theme Songs by Miyavi & Void_Chords


Too Kyo Games and Akatsuki’s Tribe Nine multimedia franchise started streaming the opening and ending movie for its upcoming TV anime, which will debut in January 2022.


Singer-songwriter Miyavi performs the opening song “Strike It Out”, while Ryo Takahashi’s vocal project Void_Chords performs the ending song “Infocus.”

■ Opening Movie 

■ Ending Movie 

Tribe Nine is a new IP project jointly produced by Akatsuki and Tookyo Games and has been created for four years. The project includes a mobile game that is produced by Akatsuki, while the worldview and scenario is created by Tookyo Games. Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka is credited with the original work.

The story takes place in fictional 23 wards in Tokyo, where outlaw groups formed by the desperate young people in each ward use a duelling method called “Xtrean baseball” to battle against each other. The losing team will have to follow the orders of the winning team. There are no stadiums for the battles, while duels are held over the streets.


The anime will follow the story of members of Minto Tribe. The series is animated by Liden Films. Yuu Aoki makes her directorial debut to direct the series.

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