Your Majesty Music x Game Project Announced for 2022


DONUTS announced a new music x game project, Your Majesty, which includes a new “Justice x Madness RPG” for mobile coming out in 2022.  Though not much about the game was revealed, a music video of the theme song  “Pledge of Gold,” the participating cast and musicians was revealed .

Your Majesty Music x Game Project Announced for 2022

Pledge of Gold MV

Characters and Musicians

Virginia:Rie Takahashi (Singing voice by Mana)
Claud:Kento Ito (Singing voice by Masashi Ohyama)
Louisette:Ayane Sakura
Cantarella:Ayana Taketatsu
Mico:Azusa Tadokoro
Raci:Ayaka Ohashi
Manya:Sachika Misawa
Satis:Sakura Nakamura
Harry:Kōdai Sakai
Mudan:Hiromi Igarashi
Xan-Eques:Yuuki Shin
Teo:Nanako Mori
Krara Kerie:Saori Ōnishi
Chinon:Takuma Terashima
Stavka:Miyazaki Yuu
Drakulya:Yōko Hikasa
Adi:Aya Yamane
Loulou:Manaka Iwami
Kamala:Ai Kakuma
Maximums:Jin Yamanoi
Goetia:Aoyagi Mayu
Constance:Sayuri Yahagi
Helena:Sayaka Ohara
Anjou:Toishi Saki
Director General Pallas:Kazu Yuuki
Director General Noxine:Miho Hayashi
Director General Filo:Takeo Ōtsuka
Jikkyo:Daisuke Sakaguchi
Kaisetsu:Kentaro Ito
Protagonist (Male voice):Taito Ban
Protagonist (Female voice):Tsukishiro Hika


From the voice actor list, we can notice that the game will feature gender-choice for our protagonist, with a male and female voice for the protagonist. Furthermore, the scenario is set in a post-apocalyptic world, as detailed by the synopsis of the official website as follows:

“The world is on the brink of collapse by an unknown “Enemy”… and as the “World Council” fights the unknown threat, the Kings descend onto the land, defeating the Enemies as if it are merely child’s play. It is their duty to help protect his land. All Hail His Majesty! How will the kings protect this world without the ability of reincarnating back to their world? As the King’s assistant, you’ll act as their shield, and break out a new tomorrow as the hero of the land.”





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