Shaman King Funbari Chronicle Tier List: Who is the Best Shaman?


Shaman King Funbari Chronicle is currently the hottest anime turn-based RPG that saw its release in Japan by Studio Z Inc. We understand players are excited and wanted to know what are the most powerful Shaman’s to use! Don’t worry we got you covered with this tier list for the best Shamans in Shaman King Funbari Chronicle.

Shaman King Funbari Chronicle Tier List: Who is the Best Shaman?

Pleas note that players will be given a 10x free gacha draws after the tutorial, and this gacha can be rerolled until you get your favourite characters, so the reroll process is just super quick!!!! But be aware that not all the characters in this tier list are available in the initial reroll summons, there are characters that are exclusive in the normal Rare Gacha, below. The normal gacha only features a 2% drop rate for 3-star characters, so good luck!


Tier List

S Tier 21121503371751
 A Tier 21121503444018
 B Tier 21121503485996

S Tier

★3 [Itako no Anna] Anna Kyoyama

Anna Kyoyama Technique Ver. is a strong DPS unit that pairs well with Yoh Asakura Technique type. She provides an Attack boost to all allies and recover the HP of all allies every turn! If paired with Yoh Technique type, the recovery amount will largely increase. She also increases 50% defense of all allies with her 3rd ability Yata No Kagami.


★3 [Lose While Protecting] Yoh Asakura

Yoh Asakura Technique Ver. is a strong single target DPS unit that is able to boost the attack of allies. This Attack boost further increases if there is Anna Kyoyama Technique in the team. He is one of the hardest-hitting Shamans in the game currently with his Mystery Skill multiplier being 1000% damage to a single enemy. He deals more damage if he is buffed. He also increases his Defense by 50% for 3 turns with his 2nd skill Amidamaru Shield.

*Noted that ★3[Lose While Protecting] Yoh Asakura is not available in the initial reroll summons


★3 [Natural Bone Killer] Faust VIII 

Faust VIII Knowledge Ver. is a great debuffer that can apply Poisons and Bleed to all enemies using his Mystery Skill. His 3rd ability Bone Bind is an AOE disabling skill that make the targets sleep and applies Bleeding. Overall, he’s one of the best debuffers in the game. He can apply Poisons even with his basic attacks, making him useful even in boss battles.


A Tier

★3 [After the Sunset] Tamao Tamamura

Tamao Tamamura Knowledge ver. is a 3-Star Shaman which players can obtain by completing the Funbari Dash Missions. She is a great debuffer and good supporter. She can inflict 1 stack of Sleep paralysis on a single target while dealing 750% damage using her Mystery skill. She also heals an ally using her 2nd ability Tamao’s allowance. Her 3rd skill cleanses all debuffs on an ally but this skill can be enhanced to cleanse debuff from all allies. Her easy-to-get nature also increase her evaluation.

★3 [The Power to Challenge] Horohoro

Horohoro Physique Ver. is  a great control type unit has he can AOE freeze all enemies using his Mystery Skill. He pairs well with ChocoLove in the team. If ChocoLove is in the team, he can increase the chance to Freeze. He also inflicts Critical Hit Rate down and Defense down debuffs using his 3rd ability This Is The Power of Nature.

*Noted that ★3 [The Power to Challenge] Horohoro is not available in the initial reroll summons

★3 [Jaguar Descendants] Chocolate Love

Chocolate Love Heart Ver. is a good DPS unit that deals 700% damage while inflicting the Incapacitation effect on the target. He pairs with Doren and if Doren is in the team, his damage is increased. He also provides a 25% Attack boost for all allies for 3 turns with his 3rd ability Cheesecake. His 2nd skill grants him Avoidance for 3 turns.

★3 [Nothing Good Happens Even If  You Fall For Me] Horohoro 
Horohoro Heart Ver. is a good controller & attacker, who can deal 800% damage and freeze to a single target using his Mystery Skill. He also increases all ally’s UP points and Freezes all enemies for 1 turn using his 2nd ability Crystal Geezer. His 3rd ability increases his own UP for abnormal hits.

*Noted that ★3 [Nothing Good Happens Even If  You Fall For Me] Horohoro is not available in the initial reroll summons


B Tier

★3 [Unemployed] Mikihisa Asakura 

Mikihisa Asakura Technique Ver. is a single targeted damaging ability that increases his own self-healing ability for 3 turns. He can tank for your team as he Provokes all enemies and grants Guts buff to herself using his 3rd ability Inspiration and Conch Shell. Guts buff gives her a 50% chance to not die when dealt with a fatal hit. She also can reduce the attack power of a single target using her 2nd skill The Spirit of the Trainee.

*Noted that★3 [Unemployed] Mikihisa Asakura is not available in the initial reroll summons

★3 [Won’t Let the Food Escape] Marion Fauna 

Marion Fauna Heart Ver. can deal 700% damage to a single target while inflicting 20% attack down using her Mystery skill. Her 3rd ability Don’t Let the Food Escape reduces the defense of a single target. Her 2nd skill Delta Magnum is an AOE targeted attack that deals 75% damage to all enemies.

*Noted that★3 [Won’t Let the Food Escape] Marion Fauna is not available in the initial reroll summons

★3 [Dowsing Revolution] Lyserg Diethel 

Lyserg Diethel Mind Ver. deals AOE targeted damage to all enemies using her Mystery Skill but his multipliers are low at 500%. Lyserg increases his Mystery Gauge and deals damage to all enemies with his 3rd ability Pendulum Wave. His 2nd ability increases Avoidance rate. His 1st skill is a single targeted damaging skill that can inflict Sleep on the target.

*Noted that★3 [Dowsing Revolution] Lyserg Diethel  is not available in the initial reroll summons


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