Fullmetal Alchemist RETURNS Exhibition Showcases 20 Years of Memories


Fullmetal Alchemist RETURNS Exhibition officially kicks off in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City, Japan on December 18, 2021. In celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary, the exhibition showcase over 300 precious exhibits including the first edition’s manga cover, manuscripts, replicas of the weapons used in the anime, a huge emblem of the 20th anniversary logo, and more.

21122107233785©Hiromu Arakawa/SQUARE ENIX

According to Romi Park (the voice of Edward Elric) who join the kicks-off ceremony held on December 18, the exhibition is a must-visit for all Fullmetal Alchemist fans, and promises that whoever visits it will have “their soul shaken”.

21122107243626©Hiromu Arakawa/SQUARE ENIX
21122107241511©Hiromu Arakawa/SQUARE ENIX

The manuscripts created by original manga author Hiromu Arakawa spread across different exhibition areas, each on a specific aspect of the series. This include Military Area, Truth Gate, Battle Trajectory, and more. 


©Hiromu Arakawa/SQUARE ENIX

As you examine the exhibitions, you have the option to have the items explained to you in a comprehensive voiced guide. You can choose to have the items explained to you by four different characters: Edward (CV: Romi Park), Alphonse Elric (CV:Rie Kugimiya), Roy Mustang (CV: Shin-ichiro Miki) or Riza Hawkeye (CV: Fumiko Orikasa). The voice guides are newly recorded by the anime cast, instead of cut-up voice cueing from the anime series.


Visitors of Fullmetal Alchemist RETURNS Exhibition can also take home a four panel manga bookmark, which is drawn by Hiromu Arakawa specifically for the exhibition. The bookmarks have a total of  types and is different for each day of the week!


Fullmetal Alchemist RETURNS Exhibition Details


Date: December 18, 2021 ~ January 16, 2022
Location: Sunshine City, Exhibition Hall C, Ikebukuro, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 10:00~18:00
Ticket Fee: Common/University Students:JPY$2000 / Middle school students: JPY$1800 / Elementary School students: JPY$1500

The exhibition will also head to Osaka’s Hirakata Park from March 12 to June 26, 2022.

Fullmetal Alchemist RETURNS Exhibition CM

About Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa. It was serialized in Square Enix’s Monthly Shōnen Gangan anthology magazine between July 2001 and June 2010, and later collecting the individual chapters into 27 volumes.

Primarily styled after the European Industrial Revolution and set in the early 20th century, Fullmetal Alchemist takes place in a fictional universe inspired by the European Industrial Revolution, in which alchemy is a widely practiced science and follows the journey of two alchemist brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who are searching for the philosopher’s stone to restore their bodies after a failed attempt to bring their mother back to life using alchemy.

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