Fading City Open World Survival Mobile Game Opens for Early Access


ACE Studio and NetEase Games’ Fading City open world survival mobile game is now available for early access. Android players can now try out the game via Google Play, while iOS players can access the game via Test Flight.

Official Trailer

Fading City Gameplay

Fading City takes place in the post-apocalyptic city of Weidu. Players must survive harsh environment of doomsday, and carefully plan ahead.

From waves of zombies to huge zombies, a large number of dungeons with various gameplay elements and difficulty options will be available, so you can put your survival skills to the test. According to the developers, the open world has 1000 square kilometers.

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Players can customize guns and other weapons to achieve various effects. You can also build up their own team with up to 3 additional players and explore in the ruins of the vast open world. Work together with your teammates and search for more resources, weapons, and equipment to build a safer shelter!

Fading City 2

Game Story

A sudden mist shrouded the city named Weidu. Under the black fog, people struggled to survive, but still could not avoid the ubiquitous blue particles. Above the ruins, the former Tower of Hope shimmered, but still did not illuminate the future of the city.

The order no longer exists, and life gradually comes to an end. But the future can change, and everything is not a foregone conclusion. Human beings will meet again at the origin and make a new hope.

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