Tears of Themis: A Love Poem to Skadi Event Guide


When it is getting colder and colder everyday, why not take a heartwarming trip to the icy wonderland with the ikemen of Tears of Themis? It’s not everyday we get to travel overseas so here are some guidelines for the Tears of Themis: A Love Poem to Skadi Event that you definitely cannot miss!

How to Start Tears of Themis: A Love Poem to Skadi Event?

The event is available from January 1, 11:00 AM (UTC+9) to January 25, 4:00 AM (UTC+9). Be wary that you have to clear Level 02-28 of the Main Story before proceeding. To begin the event, tap the event logo from your HOME Screen, as shown in the image below:

Access Event 1

Once you’re in the Tears of Themis: A Love Poem to Skadi Event page, DAVIS, the tutorial AI, will briefly guide you on how everything works. For this event guide, we will be covering five main points: The Manor of Hermes, the Requests, the Skadi Diary, the Debates, and finally, the Faerie’s Hut.

Help Solve the Resident Troubles!

In your hotel lodge, you’ll find a multitude of tasks to do for the townspeople of Skadi. These quests are really simple to do. You rarely have to debate, except on the cases where a violent person is throwing trash or damaging public sculptures. But otherwise, they’re really easy!

Given the quests are completely random, and reset every day at 4:00 AM [UTC+9], it can be quite overwhelming to see who you should prioritize. However, I strongly recommend you help these three particular residents:

Jolene Hall
The peppy child just wants to meet the faeries! But unfortunately, they don’t…exist. Oh well. Indulge her for a bit so you can grab the key to the Manor’s 2F Preparation Room.

Muller Connors
A farmer that works near the fjord, who constantly needs help at his ranch. Get on his good side, and you can get the key for the Library on the third floor of the Manor.

Johann Brose
The hotel owner needs you to help his girlfriend. Increase your bond with him to get the keys to the Maid’s Bedroom on the first floor of the Manor.

Explore the Manor of Hermes

in Tears of Themis: A Love Poem to Skadi Event, Skadi Island lies a mysterious mansion called the Manor of Hermes. In it, a dark and gloomy secret lies within, and with the four members of the cast, you must explore and uncover the truth.

■ Erin’s Winter
Before entering the mansion, you’re given a box called Erin’s Winter. It contains an illustration that will be steadily completed as you go through the mansion. There’s a catch however.

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If At First You Don’t Succeed…
Not all elements of the manor can be explored with a single character. For instance, there are various artworks that only Marius can understand, and not to mention, hidden signals and evidence that only Luke can understand, and so on. You must explore all of the mansion with all of the 4 characters. Luckily, if you can’t view that clue for now, the game will hint you as to who can investigate that clue.

Secret Boxes
There are various boxes hidden throughout the mansion, and they’re all locked with a password. You can obtain hints of the password by clearing quests and deepening your Relationship with the residents. Some residents will give you a sheet of paper with a riddle that will hint towards the password.

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Obtain Lucky Fruit Tarts with Debates!

By selecting [Dispute Resolution]. you can debate against various situations to earn Lucky Fruit Tarts. The hardest difficulty has you debate against pigeons. If you’re going to use Auto Mode, I recommend that your deck power is at least 120 000 or higher. The higher your deck power, the lower the chances are for the AI to get a bad hand and make you lose. It’s rare, but it happens.

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After completing your 4 daily quests of the day, you can earn a keychain to debate against Zangr Stewart. Each time you defeat him, the level of his debate increases, capping out at Level 20. He might be tough, but the rewards are totally worth it if you can defeat him and snap him out of his faerie delusion. At Level 10, you can earn 300 Lucky Tarts!

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If you happen to have any of the following Tears of Themis: A Love Poem to Skadi Event limited-time SSRs in your deck, you can earn a 2% stackable boost on your Lucky Fruit Tart count for both Dispute Resolution and the debates against Zangr. The following cards can all be pulled from the ongoing Shadow of Themis (available from January 1 to January 25), and the rate-up changes every day.

Fill Your Diary with Tons of Memories~!

You cannot go on an overseas trip without recording your memories! Both your exploration findings and your memories are all recorded in your Skadi Journal, which you can access from the button on the bottom left of the event page.

You can even replay the encounters you’ve had with the cast throughout the event, so you can recall those memories. The journal also keeps track of how much you’ve explored Hermes Manor, as well as a log of every mission you’ll need to complete in order to get rewards.

Faerie Hut and Invitations

Using the Lucky Fruit Tarts, you can exchange them for rewards at the Faerie Hut. There are six boxes full of rewards, with a box opening after you’ve gotten all of the highlighted rewards of the box before it. (i.e. if you grab the Tear and Choice Star from Box 3, you may move on to Box 4).

I recommend getting through the boxes as quick as you can, because even if you advance to the next box, you don’t lose access to the previous one, so as soon as you unlock the next one, advance! On box 5, you can get an Aurora Invitation, which allows you to exchange for one of the following Invitations for your Home Screen: Luke “Gracious Invitation,” Artem “Your Gaze,” Vyn “A Shared Moment,” Marius “Sharing A Drink.”

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