DMM Games’ Meteor World Actor: The Strange World Adventure PC Game Officially Launches


DMM GAMES officially launches the Meteor World Actor: The Strange World adventure PC game via on January 12, 2022.

Meteor World Actor The Strange World is an adventure game published by DMM and developed by Heliodor that focuses on the theme of SF, Police Drama and dark humour.

The story is about a teenage police officer being transferred to the 13 Division, a division composed mainly by problematic children。It is a spinoff story of Meteor World Actor, a visual novel game developed by Heliodor and written by Syougo Kinugasa, known for writing the script of Akatsuki no Goei video game and the light novel series, Classroom of the Elite. 

Meteor World Actor: The Strange World Official Trailer

Game System

Unique Story Written By Syougo Kinugasa
Enjoy a completely original story by Syougo Kinugasa! With the addition of a new heroine, the story takes place outside of the Seventh Republic!

pic system01

Challenging Elements
Strengthen your characters with skills, abilities, and other training elements! Train your characters for battle!

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Battle With Cute SD Characters
Multi-line offense with up to 15 characters! Use your ingenuity in organizing and timing your skills to lead your team to victory!

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Game Story

One that lost its sunshine in the past war, with not only humans but also elves, seguits, and many other races are living their daily lives. The police department protects these citizens and serves as a bastion of justice.

Hiryu Ruka is an uptight detective who sits in Sector 13 (a.k.a. Hakosumi), where the most troublemakers in the police force gather. He had been enjoying a brief period of peace and quiet after his turbulent days, but one day, his surroundings start to change rapidly.

A dragon, a symbol of violence, appears. Repeate dattacks of the Delugas, also known as natural disasters. The Republic is in turmoil, and the police force is exhausted. And all of a sudden, a mysterious girl who has the same abilities as Ruka appears…

The gears start to turn, meshing together in multiple ways. Ruka is confronted with a choice of fate.

DMM Games' Meteor World Actor: The Strange World Adventure PC Game Officially Launches

Game Launch Celebration Campaign

A release celebration campaign will be held, with special login bonuses for beginners and special packs available from the in-game shop.

① Release Celebration Login Bonus

Period: January 11 – January 25

For 14 days, you can get up to World Diamond ×3000, which allows you to pull up to 20 times on the gacha!


② Beginner’s Login Bonus
Period: Permanent

If you log in for 7 days from the start of the game, you can get 3★ Tanya as a login bonus. Login for 28 days in total, and you can get gorgeous items such as character development materials to evolve Tanya to a 5★!


③ Special Release Packs
Period: January 11th – January 25th

To celebrate the release of the game, special packs can be purchased for a limited time at the in-game shop. These contain items that will be useful for training and other purposes.


Pre-Registration Rewards For All Players!

To celebrate reaching the pre-registration milestone, the following pre-registration campaign rewards will be given to everyone who start the game today:

・World Diamond ×3000(enough to pull 20× on the Gacha)
・EXP Potion (Med) ×10
・EXP Potion (Large) ×10
・Coins ×50000

sub1 min

Game Launch Celebration Gacha

A limited time release celebration gacha will be held in two parts from January 11th to January 25th and from January 18th to February 1st.

In the first part, players can obtain Claris [New Year’s Day] and Tanya [New Year’s Day] will appear in the second part. They’re both dressed with traditional Japanese kimonos to celebrate the New Year!

sub2 min

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