Magical Deathpair Adventure Game Now Available on Steam


Gotcha Gotcha Games, a subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation, officially released its latest indie adventure title, Magical Deathpair on Steam on January 11. The game is normally priced at USD$8.99, but will be offered at 10% off for the first week after release until January 17.

This title was selected for the The 4th ENTERBRAIN ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS Excellence Award in a content sponsored by KADOKAWA.

The story centers on 16 witches who have to participate in a life-staking game in order to survive. The developer promised the story is full of betrayal depicted from the main perspective of a high school girl, Touka Mitsumine.

Magical Deathpair Story

It is November 2020.

In a world where witches secretly protect Tokyo’s peace, a sudden monster appearance causes a huge rise in missing persons.

Sixteen of the best witches are sent out to deal with the problem and find themselves in a game of life and death.

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Art Book Included!

By purchasing the game, you can browse the game’s local files to find a 40-page PDF archive containing commentaries of the developers, as well as some concept art!


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