MementoMori Witch Themed Mobile RPG Available for Global Pre-registration!


Bank of Innovation has opened the global pre-registration for its upcoming witch-themed MementoMori RPG for iOS and Android. The game was first announced in August 2020 in Japan, but not until today a global release was confirmed with the establishment of an English, Korean and traditional Chinese SNS account.

The official Youtube channel alos posted a music video showcasing the character “Luke” with a character song performed by the cast, Ayaka Hirahara.

In conjunction with that, an interview video with her was also published on the official YouTube channel for Memento Mori, with both videos offering English, Korean and Traditional Chinese subtitles. The full version of the song is set to release on January 17 on Youtube.

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Memento Mori is a new mobile that centers on girls with extraordinary power, known as Witches. When calamity spreads throughout the land, witches begin to be feared and detested. The brutal Witch Hunt has made most of these girls vanquished. However, when the world was in danger due to the effects of the “Curse,” these girls set forth liberating the land from darkness.

Each of the witches have their own story, and the “laments” sung by each character represent their unique views of the world, with the participation of many beloved artists such as Ayaka Hirahara, 96neko, Koresawa, ChouCho, MARiA, and many more.

MV of Luke

Global Pre-Registration

The developers have announced that overseas fans can also access the pre-registration site and pre-register for the game! It’s worth noting that once the game reaches 150,000 pre-registrations, all players will get a free SR of Natasia!

10,000 – 100 Diamonds (total)
30,000 – 300 Diamonds (total)
50,000 – 500 Diamonds (total)
100,000 – 1,000 Diamonds (total)
150,000 – SR [The Witch of Mourning Flowers] Natasia & 1,500 Diamonds (total)


MementoMori Story

There are girls who many call witches. Although they themselves are ordinary, they can wield slightly extraordinary powers. However, when calamity spreads throughout the land, witches begin to be feared and detested. Before long, the Church of Longinus commenced what would be known as “The Witch Hunt”.

“Witches are to blame for this calamity. If we kill them, then the calamity will vanish along with them!” the Church proclaims, as witches are executed one by one.

But one day, as madness seizes control of the world, it is suddenly overrun by Curses.
A country incinerated by hellfire. A kingdom consumed by crystals. An empire purged by the Tree of Life. Such are the woeful desires of those who call themselves the Witches of Qilipha.
Without any means to defend themselves, nation after nation falls into ruin, until finally—
The fractured land is sent adrift high into the sky.

Meanwhile, the people have yet to take notice.
From within these girls cursed to be witches, there emanates glimmers of hope.
In order to save their decimated world, these girls set forth liberating the land from darkness.
For they believe that it is the right thing to do…

Interview with Ayaka Hirahara

Q. What was your first impression of “Memento Mori”?

Ayaka: The idea of creating a theme song for each of the characters was interesting, and I had the impression that this was a project that was the start of something amazing.

Q. What did you keep in mind when you sang the song?

Ayaka: The key words I kept in mind while singing were Luke’s background and the fact that he was raised as a man. Is he a man or a woman, a very young child or a very mature adult? I wanted to create a mysterious voice that would make the listener wonder what kind of person was singing.

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