Wind Hero Story Fantasy Mobile RPG Now Available for Download


KEMCO’s latest developed Wind Hero Story fantasy RPG is now available for download for iOS and Android. The game is about a young boy named Shan, who sets out on a journey to rid the Tetra Quartz of its impurities. But what stands in his way of the little hero is a mysterious cult that worships death.

With friends of different shapes and births, let’s cut through the black cloud of death and reach for the future! This is an exciting adventure fantasy RPG where you fly around the wind-blown world in various vehicles. The mobile game has a free-to-download (with ad) and premium version (paid) for Android, while iOS only has a free version.

Wind Hero Story Official Trailer


In the story, you’ll meet the inhabitants of the four countries, divided into the four attributes of wind, water, fire, and earth, are completely different in appearance, temperament, and customs. You’ll be able to witness the friendship that develops between them as they work hand in hand to achieve their respective goals.

Wind Hero Story Fantasy Mobile RPG Now Available for Download

Explore the World In Various Vehicles!

The vehicles that you can ride around in any direction will expand their range by strengthening them with parts. You’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous and rich-coloured pixel art as you travel.

Screenshot 483

Use Quartz And Fight!

Quartz can be used to increase status, acquire skills, acquire special moves, and many other combat-related enhancements! You can find them all across the world, in various locations throughout the game!

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