Disney Twisted-Wonderland Tier List & Reroll Guide


After a long long wait, our dream has come true! We finally got the super successful Disney Twisted-Wonderland outside Japan! Now more players can enjoy interacting with the boys at Nightraven College!

That being said, to make sure your experience is as best as possible, there are a lot of things you need to consider–but don’t worry, they aren’t hard by any stretch of the imagination.

Is Reroll Necessary in Disney Twisted-Wonderland?

While most of the modes in Twisted-Wonderland, such as the Twistunes require 100% skill and cards do not affect score, if you want to quickly progress through the main storyline of Twisted Wonderland, or if you want to successfully do end-content game such as the “Exams”, you must reroll to get strong characters.

Choose your SR

Rerolling Steps

Rerolling avg. time: 20 minutes (May be higher or lower depending on your Internet connection.) No app reinstalling required.

1.Download the game.
2.Enter your player name, protagonist name. You can always change this later.
3.Download the required game data. (~120 MB of free space required.)
4.Skip the opening cutscene and movie by tapping and pressing the “SKIP” button on the top right as it appears.
5.Choose a dorm, and then a character. You’ll obtain an SR [Ceremonial Robes] of the character you choose.
6.Now you’ll be going through the game tutorial. It will then ask if you would like the game to download the essential files while you go through the tutorial. 
Since the tutorial cannot be skipped, it is highly recommended you select (Download During the Tutorial). This way, if you have a strong Internet connection, most of the necessary data is already downloaded.
8.Continue skipping the story cutscenes like you did in step 4.
9.After clearing Prologue 7, the remaining game data that could not be downloaded during the tutorial will begin. 
10.Once the download concludes, you’ll be directed to the Tutorial Gacha.
In this tutorial gacha, you can only get one guaranteed SSR out of eight. See “List of Recommended Cards” for further details.
If you’re unsatisfied with your pull, select the “Resummon” button on the left. That will discard your pull and replace it with another. You can keep doing this over and over, until you get what you want!
11.Continue skipping the story quests.
12.Once you finish, you’ll be returned to the title screen. Tap and go through the screens to collect your login bonuses.

■ Gacha Drop Rates   *Note: Approximated.

RarityDrop %

Recommended Cards in Disney Twisted-Wonderland

If you’re unsure which boy’s your favourite in Disney Twisted-Wonderland, and prefer to just go for the strongest cards, here’s a list of SSRs that are recommended to have on your account.

Out of the possible SSRs, the tutorial gacha only has 5 from the Heartslabyul dormitory, and 3 from Savanaclaw dormitory. Only one is selected from a total of eight, and it is NOT possible to obtain more than one.

■ S-Tier Rank Cards

[Dorm Uniform] Riddle Rosehearts

Disney Twisted-Wonderland Tier List & Reroll Guide
Why should you get him?Riddle has the highest ATK stat of all the cards, and can deal a huge amount of Fire damage to a single enemy.

[Dorm Uniform] Leona Kingscholar

Disney Twisted-Wonderland Tier List & Reroll Guide
Why should you get him?Leona is a flora-element card with the second highest ATK stat after Riddle, and similar to him, he can deal a lot of damage to a single enemy.

■ Great for Early Game Cards

[Dorm Uniform] Deuce Spade

Disney Twisted-Wonderland Tier List & Reroll Guide
Why should you get him?In the early chapters, you’ll hardly encounter Flora-based enemies, Deuce’s weaknesses. Out of all the cards, he also has the highest HP stat.

[Dorm Uniform] Trey Clover

Card Trey SSR Dorm Uniform
Why should you get him?Trey is the strongest Water-based unit, and possesses a skill that can heal your HP by a medium amount.

[Dorm Uniform] Ruggie Bucchi

Card Ruggie SSR Dorm Uniform
Why should you get him?In the early chapters, you’ll hardly encounter Flora-based enemies, which are Broggie’s weaknesses. He can also debuff the damage from enemies.

Account Binding Procedure

First and foremost, my heartfelt congratulations on getting the characters you wanted! Here’s how you can bind your account so you can transfer it in case your device gets damaged or you lose access to it and need to re-login on a new device:

■ On the Old Device

Follow the images.

Transfer Account Step 1 1
Transfer Account Step 2
Transfer Account Step 3
Transfer Account Step 4

■ On the New Device

Follow the images.

Transfer Account New Device Step 1
Transfer Account New Device Step 2

WARNING: You cannot have your account on two devices at the same time. The moment you transfer, the older device will lose access to your account, and will require a transfer once again to play on.

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