Haven-X Productions Metaverse VTuber Project Announced


Still Green announced Haven-X Production, the world’s first VTuber project dedicated to the metaverse. Three metaverse idols from Haven-X Production will debut individually and
broadcast their first streams on January 22, 2022.

The Haven-X Production project has plans in the future to provide a completely new entertainment experience with the use of technology, such as NFTs, blockchains, and the metaverse.

About Metaverse Idols

A “metaverse idol”, according to Still Green, is an idol who travels between many open metaverses in order to perform talent activities. Furthermore, “fostering metaverse-native idols will lead to the revitalization of the fan economy in the virtual space,” the company said.

Haven-X plans to create its own metaverse, where fans and supporters of the project can come and interact with our talents and each other in Bellaqua and other places within the Haven-X metaverse.

Haven-X Teaser Trailer

Metaverse Idols

■ Viri Sylvaine(ヴィリ・シルバニ)

A gardener girl who fulfills the mission of maintaining the city’s landscape that has been Viri is a kindhearted deer lady. Her family has been taking care of the forests around Haven-X for generations. When the time came for Viri to take care of her own land, her mother passed down a choker with a special symbol to her as a family heirloom. Viri currently tends to the park around the Onsen. Under her care, the park has grown from a tiny grove to an enchanting forest teeming with diverse life.

【Character Design】Twitter: EB十(@ebkim00)



YouTube Debut Schedule: 1/22 1pm PST

Haven-X Productions Metaverse VTuber Project Announced

Koa Himari(日葵 コア)

Koa is a mischievous monkey girl. She heard from a fellow baker one day that the best bananas grew in Bellacqua. This led her to pack her bags and travel to Bellacqua. Once Koa met Viri and had a taste of bananas grown in Bellacqua, Koa knew she had found her new home. Koa moved to Bellacqua and has been selling banana-related baked goods ever since, with support from Viri.

【Character Design】Twitter: TACCO(@ta_cco_)



YouTube Debut Schedule: 1/22 2pm PST

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Roza Coatl(ロザ・コータル)

A blacksmith from the demon world. She came to this town in search of peace and is loved by everyone as a kind sister. SheA beautiful snake devil that snuck onto a certain ship one day to get away from a lifetime of doing evil deeds and find peace from her chaotic home. That’s why she’s super nice as she’s trying to change for the better but when she gets angry or emotional she slips and lets out her innate evil nature. Using her natural affinity with fire, Roza crafts everything from horseshoes to lanterns as Bellacqua’s blacksmith.

【Character Design】Twitter: IRURE(@mingou91)



YouTube Debut Schedule: 1/22 3pm PST

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