Clover Theater Monster Girl RPG Coming to Mobile in 2022


NetEase Games announced that Clover Theater, a monster girl RPG for iOS and Android developed by Moe Fantasy, will be releasing in Japan in 2022.

While running the theater as the leader of the Clover Theater Company, the player goes on a performance tour with the monster girls and spread smiles to every corner of the world! Summon the members of your troupe from another world and enjoy a joyous life with these kawaii girls!

Animated PV

Featuring the song “Awake” sung by Yuiko, this animation PV shows the girls laughing and fighting, and also shows much of the background of the Sominia continent where they live!

About Clover Theater

The game’s scenario features an impressive 1.2 million words of script! To put that into perspective, that’s about on par, perhaps lengthier than a visual novel! You’ll be able to enjoy the stories told by the cute girls to your heart’s content.

Clover Theater Monster Girl Acting RPG Coming to Mobile in 2022

There are more than 70 monster girls, beautiful girls of different races, created by many illustrators. In addition to the major races such as beasts, elves, and dragons, there are many variations such as arthropods, mucus, fungi, and hermits. Among the cast of voice actors, popular actresses such as Ayaka Yokota, Ayaka Fukuhara, Ayaka Ohara, Maika Ishimi, Mai Fuchigami, Rena Ueda, and Chika Yasuze are included!

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