Yomawari 3 Horror Game Reveals Worldview, Characters & Gameplay


Nippon Ichi Software released information about their latest title in the Yomawari horror video series, Yomawari 3, which is coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on April 21.

Like its previous installment, the story of Yomawari 3 involves a little girl, who wanders the streets at night in order to find something precious that has disappeared in the darkness, while this time, the story revolves around the rumour of Kotori, also known as the Human-Faced Bird.

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“I don’t remember anything about that photo…”

Yomawari 3 Story

Yomawari 3 starts when you wake up in a strange, dark forest. You do not know why you were in that place. The only memory you could remember was that you came to the rooftop of the school at dusk after school. After wandering through the deep forest, you meet someone who has no form…

“You have a strong curse on you. In order to lift the curse, you must remember something important that you have forgotten in one night…” the figure says. In order to find the precious memories, you run out into the eerie night city.

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Customize the Character To Your Liking!

In Yomawari 3, players will be able to customize their protagonist however they like. Embark on your adventure with style!

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Rumors Circulate the City…

There is an old rumor in town about a monster named “Kotori”, or “Human-Faced Bird”. The monster is said to have special eyes that can observe all time simultaneously. Watching the city with its eyes, the man-eating bird has been waiting for “someone” to come. Walk carefully…or you might run into it…


Recall Back On Your Memories…

When you pick up a tool that the main character used, you can look back at the memories associated with it. The small pencil he used to use, the old shells he picked up at the beach…

No matter how small and trivial the tool, it has a past that can be told. Each tool will remind you of something that happened in the past. Use the hints you get from the tools to go to the places in your memories. You may be able to remember something more important.

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Objects That Might Help You

There are all sorts of “objects” that can help the main character. These can range from a pebble lying on the street, a note that you don’t know who wrote… These may be important clues to help you in your quest. Some of them can be thrown or offered directly to help you in your search. Make good use of them and find the memories hidden in the city at night.

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Yomawari 3 Teaser Movie (Long Ver.)

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